Save Money – with Help from Your Power Company!

From free appliances to budget billing, most utility companies offer services that can help their customers save money. Unfortunately, most people don’t know about these wonderful cost-saving programs!

When we moved into our new home, we were stunned by power bills that were double and triple what we were used to paying. It turns out our lovely new home just wasn’t very energy efficient. Fortunately, our power company sent a representative to evaluate our home, recommend cost-saving measures and even gave us two free shower-heads and about a dozen free LED light bulbs! The representative also told us how we could get a new refrigerator and washing machine absolutely free.

I was stunned! I didn’t know these programs existed before! And I know there are others who don’t know about them either.

Finding your power company is easy! Select your state from the list below… and it’ll open a list of all power companies I’ve written about in that state. Just select your provider from the list to learn about their programs! Don’t see your company? Let me know and I’ll add it to the list as soon as I can!

Here’s what we’ve completed so far:


















South Carolina





West Virginia


I’m creating THIS particular page to serve as a directory to help organize our posts about power company savings. I’ve realized it’s quite a messy series because there are literally HUNDREDS (if not thousands) of companies that could potentially be written about here.

If you do not see your state or power company listed, please leave me a comment with your power company name AND your general location (county/state).

If you leave me a comment with your power company name AND general location (county/state), I will research and write up a post about how your specific power company can help you save money! Since some power companies span several states, your location enables me to identify the savings that are available to your specific area.


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