10 GIFs About How the Start of Summer Break Feels

(Last Updated On: May 22, 2018)

With it quickly approaching, we’re all remembering how the start of summer break feels! If you’re a parent, you might be excited to spend more time with your kids. Chances are, though, you’re like us and a little nervous about how to keep them entertained for three. long. months.

1. How you feel when you’re planning all the fun activities

so you can actually entertain your kids this year.

2. But then you realize you’re too broke

because craft supplies are expensive, y’all.

3. That feeling when you get free library activities

so you can let that librarian work her sweet, sweet magic on the kids while you browse for a book (that you’ll never read).

4. How the start of summer break feels after the kids get bored

three days after the last day of school.

5. Thinking of new recipes to try

because you can’t just feed the kids hot dogs all summer.

6. When your kid starts counting down the days until break’s over

but you’re backing there pulling one of these.

7. Taking a “fun” trip to the park

and how the start of summer break feels like a sweltering oven even if it’s only 75 degrees.

8. Your grocery bill when you have to feed kids lunch

instead of relying on the free lunch at school. {Hint: try this!}

9. How the start of summer break feels like you should be going on vacation

but this is the closest you can afford to a beach.

10. What you’ll really be like their first week back at school

because you know how the start of summer break feels like it’s gone too fast.

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