Assurance Wireless Can Give you Free Phones & Service!

(Last Updated On: July 23, 2018)

Assurance Wireless is a Lifeline Assistance program that provides free cell phones and cell phone service to low income Americans. Assurance Wireless is a service of Virgin Mobile.

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What do you get when you sign up for Assurance Wireless? 

When you sign up for Assurance Wireless, you’ll receive a FREE Android smartphone, most likely their recommended ZTE Quest. Every month, you’ll enjoy FREE service, including unlimited texting, 350 voice minutes and 500 MB of free data per month.

You can pay to increase your services. For $5, you can add another 250 minutes per month. For $30, you can get unlimited minutes and data if you use a feature phone (not a smartphone).

You can keep your current home or cell phone number. You’ll get free unlimited calls to 211, 911 and customer care. I love the unlimited 211 calling, because this connects you to the United Way directories that I often use to help you find resources! You’ll also get caller ID included in your service.

Since Assurance Wireless runs on the Virgin Mobile service, it uses the Sprint nationwide network. If you’ve had a previous bad experience with Sprint service in your area, Assurance probably isn’t the right provider for you.

Who qualifies for help from Assurance Wireless?

First, you need to live in an area that is serviceable by Assurance. Click here and enter your zip code to find out if Assurance is available in your area.

You must meet income limits to qualify. Although the specific requirements vary by state, you are generally considered eligible if you participate in one of the following programs:

Sevearal states also accept participants in other programs,including the National School Lunch program or certain tribal programs. Click here for those state-specific lists. 

You may also qualify based on your income, even if you don’t currently participate in those programs.

You will need to participate in annual recertification to maintain your Assurance Services. You can recertify online or by following the prompts at (888) 653-9262.

Can I use a different phone?

Yes. You can also use a Coolpad 3300 and Unimax 673 with Assurance. Blackberry and iPhone devices are not usable with Assurance.

Can my spouse and I each get service from Assurance?

Unfortunately, no. Assurance Wireless only provides one account per household.

What happens if I no longer qualify for Assurance Wireless service?

When you inform Assurance Wireless that you are no longer eligible for service, they will discontinue your Assurance Wireless Lifeline Service. If you choose, you can continue to use Assurance Wireless on a prepaid basis or you can migrate to a Virgin Mobile monthly plan.

How can I sign up for Assurance Wireless? 

Signing up for Assurance Wireless is easy! Just click here to apply online or click here to access a printable application. You can also call customer care at (888) 898-4888 or visit a neighborhood representative.

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