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There are countless low income benefits programs around the United States. We spend a lot of time researching these programs so that we can help you save money, get free stuff and make ends meet!

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Get Internet for just $5 per month!

Many provider are offering low income Internet services for $20 or less per month! We’ve even found a few options for $5 or less! You can’t afford to miss this.

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What would you do with $18k in home improvements?

Our family was once blindsided by a $3,364 power bill. We were able to get help paying that balance – and we also scored over $18,000 in free home improvements! If you’re struggling with utilities, you may be able to get help too.

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Avoid These 7 Fatal Food Stamps Mistakes!

There are seven critical mistakes that you can’t afford to make with food stamps. Watch out!


Are you ready to SAVE MONEY

We’ll show you how to get $5/month internet, free cell phone service, free laptops and even free cars!


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How to Get Transportation Assistance

Need help getting from one place to another? We’ve found seven options that can help you!

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How to Prepare a VA Claim

Veterans, please read this before you file your next claim! I have a lot of experience creating claims that result in 100% compensation. Here’s what I’ve learned.

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Get Medical Assistance

Medicaid is a federal program that provides health insurance for low income adults and children. If you need help with health care expenses, you need to know about this.


How can we help you?

Low Income Relief has helped countless people connect with housing resources!

Just this week, our pump for our well burnt up leaving us with no running water. I turned to the Low Income Relief website to find information, numbers, and contact information on programs in my state which assist low-income families with help for home repairs, as we did not have the necessary funds to repair or replace the well pump. Thank you Low Income Relief for all your valuable information, located in one easy to use website.

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Velda N.


My oldest baby girl came to me and told me to read this. She gave me her tablet and surprise, it’s “Low Income Relief.” I read and read and read. I mean, I read for hours. I started a routine every morning to get my phone and read the scoop for us low-income families. It was a blessing to have people looking out for us. Keep up the good work! You guys have given my family hope, and help to not feel embarrassed about getting aid.

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Irene R.


I love this website so much! We were just up for a renewal for Amazon Prime, and I was going to have to cancel it, even though we use it for so much (like groceries and the such). But then I saw the link for what having a Link card could help us with and Amazon Prime is one! And now I get it for so cheap (something we can actually afford)! And, we found all sorts of amazing things that our Link card could help us get discounts for! Thank you Low Income Relief!

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Jaelynn L.


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