We Found Christmas Help in Denver, CO!

(Last Updated On: September 13, 2019)

Are you worried your holidays won’t be good for your kids? If so, we found Christmas help in Denver to make the holidays so much better! Whether you need free toys, food or anything else, we found resources that might be able to help you!

Get help with Christmas gifts in Denver, CO.

The Department of Human Services in Denver holds a holiday drive seasonally. You might be able to get help with toys and other small gifts from the drive if you apply early enough to get on the list. Spots fill up fast, but DHS might be able to refer you to another agency that could help.

The Assistance League Holiday Market might have toys and gifts you can shop or choose from. The drive is limited to people who have very low income.

At the Anunciation Catholic School, you can shop the Santa Shop. Many of the gifts are handmade, but they can make an excellent addition to any Christmas tree. The shop might help support low-income families. The best part? You can get most things for just a few dollars or even less!

The Kenzis Causes Santa Shop might help you be able to get a gift to put under the tree for your kids. The program has income requirements you might need to meet to qualify for the program. 

Get free Christmas food in Denver, CO.

Each year the Salvation Army partners with other local organizations and businesses to host an All American Christmas meal on Christmas Eve. You do not have to pay anything for the meal, but you must register in advance so the organization knows how many people will be in attendance.

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