Clark Public Utilities: Get Help with Your Bill!

(Last Updated On: January 4, 2019)

Trying to pay your Clark Public Utilities bill can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. We found ways you can save money on your bill while also getting helpful options if you’re unable to pay it. Don’t struggle to pay your Clark Public Utilities bill anymore!

Need help paying your Clark Public Utilities bill? We found help!

The GOSP program allows you to pay your electric bill based on your income. When you apply for the program through Clark Public Utilities, you’ll be required to show proof of income and family size. From there, the company will calculate what your bill will be each month based on your income. This guarantees you’ll be able to keep your service on. You do not have to count things like alimony or child support toward your income. The company requires you to redo your application once every 12 months.

If you need help paying all or a portion of your electric bill due to heating costs, LIHEAP might be able to help you. You must apply for LIHEAP through your community action agency. It generally does not cover all of a bill, but it could help with some of it.

Are you 62 years or older? You could get a 50% discount on your bill each month! You must have had Clark Public Utilities for, at least, a year. Seniors must also meet certain income requirements that are capped around $3,000 per month.

Avoid shut-off using these resources.

Clark Public Utilties works with Warm Heart Financial Assistance to help those who are facing disconnection of their bill due to an inability to pay or other issues. You can get help paying your bill or getting caught up with a large past due bill through Warm Hearts. This could give you a chance to get caught up on your bill.

Washington State has laws on disconnection. These laws could protect you in the event you receive a shut-off notice. There are certain times of the year when the company cannot disconnect your electric. They may also be legally prevented from doing so if you have children, a medical issue or an elderly person in your home.

Clark Public Utilities offers helpful payment options.

The EqualPay program helps those who have high bills during the cold winter months pay an even amount for heating costs. With EqualPay, your bill will stay the same no matter what time of year it is. You will be able to do this by allowing the company to average out the amount you use each month. Then, the company divides your total amount by the average usage each month. At the end of the period, you might have to pay to get caught up, but it often costs less than trying to pay the total each month.

You could qualify for an extension from Clark Public Utilities. The company does not offer an actual policy on the arrangements or extensions, but you could ask for one. They look at each extension or arrangement request on a case by case basis.

Upgrade your home for free and save on your bill.

The Clark Public Utilities weatherization program could help you make your home more energy efficient and lower your bill in the process. The program is for those who need upgrades to their home. The program is based on need and you’ll be required to provide proof of income and need for the program. Both homeowners and renters qualify.

Weatherization assistance through Washington offers things like insulation and upgraded heating systems. The program works for both renters and homeowners who need to make upgrades to their homes. You will need to apply for the program through your local community action office. After the program makes changes, you will likely see a huge improvement on your bill.

Clark Public Utilities offers rebates on some appliances and lighting options for your home. If you purchase an appliance or you purchase lighting for your home, be sure to check with Clark Public Utilities to find out if rebates are available. You could save as much as 75% on the things you already have to buy.

If you do not qualify for weatherization assistance or it does not cover everything you want, you might be able to get help through the weatherization loan from Clark Public Utilities. The weatherization loan could help you by allowing you to borrow money to make your home more energy efficient. The loan program has variable interest, but the rates are relatively low. You will have to pay the loan back. Payments can be added to your bill.

To help you figure out where you’re using the most energy, Clark Public Utilities offers a calculator. The calculator can show you where you’re using a lot of energy. It also gives you ideas on how to cut back on your usage in each of the areas it highlights.

Clark Public Utilities works with the community.

Community giving projects allow Clark Public Utilties the chance to give back to the people they serve. They giving programs include things like community events and opportunities for people to enjoy. You can even get free food and prizes at these events!

The community outreach helps those who are in need. This program is separate from their assistance programs and could help you with other needs. The program also offers helpful resources to those who are homeless, struggling or low-income in general!

Save money by lowering your Clark Public Utilities bill!

You can take steps to save more money on your bill. Use our favorite tips to help conserve energy and save even more money on your bill!

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