Can You Use Easy Wireless to Stay Connected? Here’s What We Think!

(Last Updated On: January 4, 2019)

There are so many ways you can save money and even get free phone plans. Using things like Easy Wireless makes getting phone service affordable even if you have little or no money.

What is a lifeline service like Easy Wireless?

Lifeline is a service that the federal government offers to help people who are low-income get a cell phone for free. They contract with companies like Easy Wireless to provide free phones and free service to people who may not be able to afford these phones on their own. If you’ve heard of people talking about “Obama phones,” you’ve heard of Lifeline. During the Obama era, cell phones became increasingly popular and many people argued they are a necessity. The Lifeline program allows access to this necessity even for those who cannot afford it.

There are different things that people must do to get qualified for a program like Easy Wireless. The government put laws into place to govern all the things that go into having a cell phone that’s free. Since it was a pioneer program, they had to come up with guidelines to make it work.

You can get approved for Easy Wireless.

Currently, Easy Wireless is only available in Missouri, Kentucky and Oklahoma. Before you apply for an account with Easy Wireless, you can use this simple tool to get prequalified for the program.

Getting approved for Easy Wireless is as simple as qualifying using information that you already have from the state. If you have SNAP benefits, receive SSI or SSDI or have tribal benefits, you can qualify for Easy Wireless. You do not have to receive these benefits, but you must meet the poverty guidelines to get approved for the Lifeline program. You’ll need to provide proof of income if you don’t have any state or federal benefits. It may take longer for you to get approved if you’re using your income as a means for qualification.

Here are plans Easy Wireless offers.

Easy Wireless offers plans for tribal members as well as people who do not live on tribal land. The plans vary only slightly.

With the tribal plan (available only in Oklahoma), you receive unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 2GB worth of data. The plan can be used with any phone. If you need to purchase more data, you can do it at a discount.

The low-income Easy Wireless Lifeline program also allows you to get unlimited texts, but the minutes are capped at 750. You will get 25MB worth of data with this plan. For just a dollar, you can get 250MB of data. There are also other plans that you can upgrade to so you can get more data. These plans do not require a deposit and do not require you to commit to any contract for them. This means you can switch from the basic free plan to a higher plan and back again from month to month depending on your needs.

You can bring your own phone.

While Easy Wireless offers a variety of free phones and affordable options from $25 to $65, you can bring your own phone to the service. You must make sure the phone is eligible to move to another carrier and that it will work with Boost Mobile service because that’s what Easy Wireless operates under. Your must have an unlocked phone.

Easy Wireless offers easy approval.

The service options range from free service to up to $40 per month. The cell phone company does not require credit checks or deposits. You can easily add minutes or top up your plan no matter what plan you have. Even if you’re not using the Lifeline plan and are paying for your service, you can get these benefits.

Some areas offer Easy Wireless.

If you’re thinking about Lifeline and you live in Missouri, Kentucky or Oklahoma, you might be concerned about service. Even though the plans are only available to residents of these states, you can get coverage throughout the United States. The plans operate on the Boost Mobile network which operates on Sprint. You can get coverage from a national carrier and that includes 4G LTE where available.

What we really think about Easy Wireless!

Is Easy Wireless a good deal? You bet! If you qualify for Lifeline and you’re in an area where Easy Wireless is offered, it’s a great way to get a free phone and free service. Always check with the company before you start to make sure you’ll have coverage and you’re approved for the program!

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