Secret Money-Saving Programs from Electricity Providers in WA!

(Last Updated On: August 13, 2019)

Electricity providers in WA have many relatively-unknown programs that could help you save some significant money on your power bill! If you’ve ever received a sky-high bill from any of these electricity providers in WA, we can help you identify ways that you may be able to save money, get help with your payments or even get free home improvements!

You can trust us because we’ve been there. After our insaneΒ $3,000 power bill from PSE last year, we had to rely on grants and other community resources to help us pay down the balance. We also ended up scoring over $18,000 in free home improvements that have drastically reduced our future power bills.

Eventually, we heard from hundreds of people in situations just like ours and knew we had to help. That’s how we ended up researching so many electricity providers in WA and eventually the rest of the nation!

bright idea save money washington power bill

Budget billing can help you pay a consistent amount each month.

Most power companies offer a budget billing plan, which averages the annual cost of electricity in a home and bills the customer in 12 even installments. This can help low-income customers maintain a budget and avert payment problems, especially during the more expensive winter months.

No matter where you are, you may qualify for FREE LIHEAP and Weatherization services.

No matter which of these companies you rely on, you probably qualify for free LIHEAP and Weatherization services. These are federal programs that provide assistance with heating expenses. The LIHEAP program can make a direct contribution to your bill, while the weatherization program will improve the energy-efficiency of your home so that future bills are reduced.

Many electricity providers in WA offer these services and many more!

Of course, the best money-saving tips are provided by your local utility company. Select your company from the list below to find out what discounts, rebates and other money-saving programs are offered by your specific electricity provider in WA!

Avista Utilities

You could get help with your Avista Utilities bill. They have programs like Avista Cares and budget billing. The company also allows customers who qualify to choose their payment date to better fit their schedule. To see everything we’ve found out about Avista Utilities, click here.

Benton PUD

Are you a Benton PUD customer? You might be able to get help with your bill through budget billing and payment arrangements. Seniors and people who are disabled may also have access to savings for their bills. We found community and state resources to help you save money.

Centralia City Light

Don’t let your Centralia City Light bill keep hurting your wallet! You might have options as a customer. You could qualify for senior or low-income help through their charge removal system. Customers might also be able to qualify for a variety of programs that can help them save money through state or community resources. We found a lot of help so check out this article to see what is available.

Clallam County PUD

If you struggle to pay your Clallam County PUD bill month after month, stop doing that! We found help to lower your bill, save money on fees you might owe and even change the way you pay for bills. The company also offers deposit waivers for those who qualify and want to get their service started without a big deposit. You can get help from the company as well as from local agencies that might provide assistance to low income customers.

Clark Public Utilities

If you’re a Clark Public Utilities Customer, you might be able to get help. The company offers programs like the GOSP program which bases your payment off your income. If you qualify for the program, you might be able to get significantly reduced bills. There are other programs like a senior discount and community-sponsored programs that could help you if oyu qualify. Check it all out in this article.

Cowlitz County PUD

Veterans, seniors and people with low income could qualify for discounts on their Cowlitz County PUD bills. You might be able to get help paying your bill through community agencies. You can even get a free home energy audit to help you figure out what you need to do to start saving money on your bills.

Grays Harbor PUD

If you’re a Grays Harbor PUD customer, you could get help with many different energy relief options. Seniors and people who have disabilities could qualify for savings on their bills. You might also be able to get rebates on heat pumps and so much more through the company.

Jefferson PUD

Struggling to pay your Jefferson PUD bill? There are options! If you qualify for LIHEAP, you could be saving even more- up to $35 extra dollars on your bill! To learn more about that and the other programs we found for Jefferson PUD customers, click here.

Inland Power

Inland Power offers budget billing for customers who qualify. The company might also offer a way to change your due date if you qualify. You can learn more about what power you’re using that costs a lot and how to lower your energy usage. The company offers capital credits and many other benefits that come from it being a cooperative. To learn more about saving money and making your Inland Power bill better, check this out.

Lakeview Light and Power

Are you a Lakeview Light and Power customer who needs help paying your bill? You might qualify for help from programs like Project Help and Project Roundup. The company also offers other programs that could make it easier to pay your power bill. Learn more about it all right here.

Lewis County PUD

You could get a free energy audit and weatherization help if you have Lewis County PUD. You might also qualify for payment arrangements or extensions that could make paying your bill so much easier. Lewis County PUD has options that could even help you avoid shut-off of your electric service.

Mason County PUD 1

Mason County offers rebates for energy efficient appliances. They also have a program that can help you learn about what you need to do to save money on your bills. Get help through the company as well as through a variety of organizations that work with the state and the community. We found many resources, check here to see them all!

Mason County PUD 3

Seniors and customers who have low income and disabilities might be able to get discounts on their Mason County PUD 3 bills! You can also get help from a free energy audit and from a variety of rebates the company offers. We even found community resources that could help you pay your bill.

McCleary City Power

If your McCleary City Power bill is too much for you to pay or you’re just struggling to stay on top of your bills, you might have options available. The company doesn’t offerΒ anyΒ help on their own, which can be so disappointing for some customers. The good news is we found ways for you to get help outside of the company! Check them all out right here.

Okanogan PUD

Okanogan PUD offers budget billing, energy audits and loans that could help you with conservation efforts. You might also be able to save through community programs we learned more about. Check out everything there is to help you with your bill right here.

Pacific Power

Are you a Pacific Power customer trying to pay your bill? The company offers budget billing and discounts. They also offer programs like Wattsmart and weatherization programs for customers who want to save energy and make their bills permanently lower.

Puget Sound Energy

You can get access to learning about home energy efficiency, free showerheads and so much more with Puget Sound Energy. You can also get help with budget billing, but we’ll also show you what NOT to do with budget billing.

Seattle City Light

Stop letting your Seattle City Light bill kill your budget! You could get help with payment arrangements, pay plans and budget billing. Customers can also use the case study program to learn more about their usage and what they can do to make sure they get caught up on all the issues they might have with billing. To learn more about the company and how you can save, read this article.

Snohomish PUD

Do you struggle to pay your Snohomish PUD bill each month? You could benefit from energy efficiency programs and other options that could make your bill lower! Low-income customers can receive up to a 60% discount on their bill! You can also learn about what the company offers to help you start saving money right away. To learn more about what you can save money on, click here.

Tacoma Power

If you’re a Tacoma Power customer, you might be able to get access to discounts and rates that are so much better than what you’re paying for your bill! You can even get free things like showerheads and screens for your faucets.

Didn’t see your power company listed?

Leave me a note in the comments below and we’ll add your company to our research list!

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