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(Last Updated On: June 28, 2018)

As a mom of five rambunctious little ones, I know I can count on getting sticky kisses, scribbled notes, burned toast and handpicked flowers on Mother’s Day morning. Although I love these little treasures, I really would love something a little more elaborate.


But elaborate doesn’t have to mean expensive.

In fact, my Mother’s Day wishlist* is completely free – and I suspect that many other moms can relate. If you’re looking for the best free Mother’s Day gift ideas for a mom of young kids, make sure to check out this list!

*My “realistic” Mother’s Day wishlist, anyway.
Because we obviously can’t afford a trip to Tahiti.

1. A Clean House

I love our home. Every day, it houses all seven of us. It’s where we eat, sleep, play, work and homeschool. Our whole life is centered here. Since there’s five kids here, I’m way outnumbered. And it shows.

From the crumbs on the counter to the endless Lego debris, it’s obvious that we live in chaos a house full of children. And I love it, I really do. It’s wonderful. We have a beautiful life in this home.

But waking up to a perfectly immaculate mostly clean house? That’s wonderful and beautiful, too.

And it’s also rare, so it counts as a gift.

Especially if I don’t have to nag or listen to whining before it gets done.

2. Quiet Time

I don’t remember what silence sounds like. I used to know… back in the day when I could sit quietly and read books for hours without interruptions. It was wonderful. At least, I think it was. I don’t really remember.

Anyway, I know my daughter loves me because she woke up early and set up a quiet space for me to read. The sight of this little front porch getaway is so rejuvenating to my soul. She brought out some juice, my favorite cup and some of my favorite books and a pile of blankets. So easy! But doesn’t it just look wonderful?!



3. Breakfast

It doesn’t have to be delivered to me in bed. Heck, the breakfast doesn’t even have to be for me! Just knowing I don’t have to wake up to five ravenous faces is a tremendous relief. Better yet, feed them breakfast and let me sleep. That would be amazing.

4. A Nap

My oldest turned 10 this year and I’m fairly certain it’s been about 10.5 years since I’ve felt fully rested. A little bit of sleep is so much better than chocolate or anything you can buy at the store.

And I’m pretty sure that most moms agree because there are an infinite number of memes on this topic:




5. Happy Kids

I would love to hear laughter and happy giggles from all five of my kids today. I’d love to hear them talking about how much they love being together instead of complaining about who did what to whom. Seeing my family together and happy at the same time would do wonders to refresh this exhausted mommy’s heart.


This wish just might come true! Yesterday, my oldest bought this strange contraption at the state surplus store. It was just $5 and I have absolutely no idea what it is, but they think it’s the best thing ever. (Does anybody know what this thing is? Please tell me in the comments!)


Happy Mother’s Day!

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