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8 Tips to Fall Asleep Fast

Getting yourself to fall asleep fast comes with so many benefits. The more rest you get, the better your health will be. And we all know how important it is to stay healthy when we’re trying to save (and make) money! Here are some of our favorite tips to fall asleep fast. Let us know your favorite in the comments below.

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1. Do a boring task.

How often do you find yourself dozing off when you’re reading a book or doing something boring? This works the same way! If you just can’t fall asleep, try doing something boring. Scrub your bathtub, read a book, do a jigsaw puzzle. Anything you don’t have to think hard at will help you get sleepier. When you realize the boring activity is putting you to sleep, hop back in bed and catch some ZZZ’s.

2. Get the help you need.

Sometimes, you might not fall asleep fast because you have too much on your brain. Other times, you might need some professional help. When your inability to fall asleep starts affecting your personal or professional life, it might be time to talk to someone! Even if you don’t have medical insurance, there are ways to get help or talk to someone if you’re struggling. Your local United Way may be the best way to find someone you can talk to for free!

3. Try to avoid the clock…and phone.

Even if your phone has the handy “night time” feature that blocks blue light, try to put it away about an hour before you go to bed. Make sure you flip it upside down so you’re not checking the clock every hour. When you realize how much time you actually have before the alarm goes off, it’ll be much harder to fall asleep.

4. Use cold water.

Splashing cold water on your face might wake you up in the morning, but immersing your face in cold water actually has the opposite effect. Try dunking your face in cold (not ice-cold) water for about thirty seconds. Be sure to hold your breath! This bio-hack slows your heart rate which mimics the heart rate when you’re asleep. You’ll get a calming sensation that should make it easier to fall asleep fast.

5. You don’t need a sound machine.

There’s tons of advice on how to fall asleep fast and most people mention using a sound machine. These can be pricey and take up space you might not have. Try a free sound machine app! The sound quality is often better than a sound machine and you can set the app to automatically turn off after a certain period of time (like the sleep function on a TV). Check out some of our favorites:

6. Acupressure: acupuncture’s less scary cousin.

Acupuncture is scary for some and is almost always pricey. While we don’t recommend a DIY approach to poking yourself with tiny needles, you can use the same pressure points to fall asleep fast. The practice relies on pressure points around your body and you can use similar pressure points just by knowing where to rub and push to get yourself to sleep. The best acupressure spots are behind your ears and on the bottoms of your heels. The Fusion Model offers helpful graphics to hit just the right spot.

7. Cool your room and warm your feet.

A cold room is easier to sleep in, but keeping your feet cozy is the key to restful sleep. You can cool your room down by cracking a window to let the breezy night air in. Even if you don’t have an air conditioner, a fan works wonders to cool your room down. Invest in a pair of fuzzy socks you use just for sleeping (try the Dollar Tree) and slather on some lotion for the ultimate relaxation experience before bed.

8. Give up on trying to fall asleep fast.

This may seem counter-intuitive, but falling asleep is all about convincing your brain you don’t want to fall asleep. If you try to keep yourself awake, you’ll be more likely to fall asleep. Focus on keeping your eyes open and soon you’ll notice your eyelids are drooping.

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