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Here are some of the questions we’re asked most frequently here at

Frequently Asked Questions about Low Income Relief

These questions are all specifically about Low Income Relief as an organization. For questions about the information we provide, please scroll to the appropriate subhead below.

“How can I sign up for your email newsletter?”

That’s a great question! Just fill out the form below!

“Can you give me money for _______?”

Low Income Relief is an information service; we do not distribute funds ourselves. We LOVE researching things for you. We’re happy to research your local area and find agencies that can help you with that specific need… but our organization cannot give you any money directly (unless it’s a site-sponsored giveaway).

“Will you share my GoFundMe (or other fundraiser)?”

While you have my absolute sympathy and I’m happy to help you look for agencies that may help you, Low Income Relief cannot share your GoFundMe or other fundraiser to our audience. I’m very sorry.

The main reason is because we receive SO many requests every week. If we published a fundraiser for everyone who asked, our site would quickly become overwhelming and spammy.

Our audience is overwhelmingly low income and dealing with their own financial issues. It is not likely that posting your GoFundMe on our page would be very profitable for you anyway.

If you’re running a fundraiser for a specific need, you’re welcome to let me know. I can look for charities and organizations in your area who may be able to help fill those needs.

“Can you help me find _____?”

Absolutely! We will gladly add your request to the research queue.

However, we have a looooooooooong list of articles that need to be written. As of this current date, we have hundreds of articles that need to be written. We have a very small team of contributors, so it takes us a while to get this information to you.

If you need help with an urgent request, please click here to learn how we conduct our research. We also encourage you to reach out to your local United Way or Salvation Army for referrals and other urgent assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Information

Sometimes the information we provide can be confusing. This is where we do our best to clear up any confusion!

“What does Suggested Donation mean?”

Some of the organizations we report on have a “suggested donation.” This is a suggestion and is usually a modest estimate of the value of their service. A suggested donation is not the same as a fee or required rate, so these organizations will not turn away an eligible client if they can’t afford to pay. For example, many of the agencies that provide meals for seniors have a suggested donation for seniors and a set (non-negotiable) fee for anyone who has not yet reached senior status.

Suggested donations mean you can pay as little or as much as you want for that service. If you can’t afford more than a few pennies, that’s fine. If you want to pay more, that is always appreciated! If you want to wait until after you’ve been served to decide what the service was worth, that’s also acceptable. Most of these agencies operate on the honor system, trusting people to pay what they can.

However, please remember that these organizations rely on donations to continue offering these essential services. The suggested donation amount is usually a fair price for the services provided. Visitors who can afford to pay help keep the service running for those who need it most.

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