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Father’s Day Fun

I love to tell my husband how much I love and appreciate all he does for our family. On Father’s Day, I get to go all out! From breakfast in bed, to gifts and activities, here are some Father’s Day ideas that will stay in your budget!


Breakfast in Bed

Who doesn’t love breakfast in bed? On Father’s Day, we love to let dad sleep in and bring him a yummy breakfast that the kids and I throw together. Some years it’s a fancy breakfast, like waffles and bacon. And other years I let the kids make cereal and toast!


You could also put together a Room Service kit which could include:

A breakfast menu so dad can choose if he wants pancakes or toast, milk or juice, etc.


Type up or write out a newspaper with special updates from each of the family members. You could include a section for “scheduled activities” for the day, a section with “favorite dad quotes”, and don’t forget a love letter from mom!

A homemade “Do Not Disturb Sign” to hang from the door while dad eats breakfast and sleeps in.

A family photo, a picture of the kids, or homemade drawings from the kids.

You could also make cute tie shaped food labels for everything.

Most importantly, deliver breakfast on a tray and make sure to tell dad you love him!

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Some families go all out on gifts for Father’s Day, and that’s great. We’ve not ever been able to afford BBQ grills and smokers as gifts. We end up doing more traditional and homemade gifts. Thankfully, we have a great daddy who LOVES homemade stuff! Here are some ideas:


Fill a jar with “365 Reasons That We Love You as our Daddy”. Then dad will have one to open every single day! He could take it to work or read them before work to start his day off right. Or he could read one aloud at dinner every evening. The kids always feel so special and proud when one of their notes are read.

Make a candy gram poster. Our daddy has the biggest sweet tooth, so putting a bunch of candy on a poster with sweet things to say about him is a perfect gift idea. Our kids always sign it as “airheads” (candy). Which makes dad chuckle.

Load a large bucket with popcorn and a soda. Label it with a note saying, “You’re the best POP in the world!”.

Dad ROCKS!  Go for a walk and pick up some good, palm-sized rocks (This is FREE!!!), then have the kids color on them. You could glue them around a frame and add a picture of the kids. Or you could have each of the kids draw their best version of Dad on the rocks. Another idea is having the kids draw a self-portrait on the rocks and put them in the garden as one big happy family.

Handprint gifts are my favorite. I don’t know why, but I love them! Some ideas are to put handprints on a baseball, a pair of work gloves, or a grilling plate. Or here are a couple that we made (just replace the word grandpa with dad). I had a coupon and got a really good deal on canvas to put these on, but you could easily do these on a poster board.

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Father’s Day Activities


I love the quote that says, “No amount of money or success can take the place of time spent with your family.” -Author unknown. It’s so true, looking back, my husband and kids don’t always remember the gifts they’ve received, they remember the fun activities we did together. Here are some fun ideas to make wonderful memories:

Go outside and play ball. Baseball, basketball, football, kickball, dodgeball. The possibilities are endless. Being outside, enjoying the sunshine and a good game of catch is priceless.

Give dad an interview. Come up with fun questions to ask dad. The kids could even dress up as little reporters and interview him with a microphone. This is also a great opportunity to do some family history or journaling. Ask dad questions about his childhood, memories, or about his dad or grandpa. Document his answers.

Draw family portraits or draw pictures of dad. I love to see what the kids come up with, or how these change from year to year.

Go on a family hike. You could also make some ice cream in a bag, put it in a backpack and let the hike shake it up well. Then, when you get to the end of your hike you have a yummy treat to cool you down.

We talked about breakfast, but you could also make a fun dinner. Maybe let each of the kids make different finger foods and let dad judge it “Top Chef” style.

Most dads enjoy fishing. Here’s a Father’s Day twist: make an inside fishing game, you know what I mean, with a stick, string, and a magnet. Make the fish, add a paper clip to stick to the magnet. On the back of each of the fish, write all the things you love about daddy! All supplies can be purchased at a dollar store.

Go on a treasure hunt.  Cut out some yellow circles, like gold coins. Write all of your favorite things about dad, or reasons you love him, or chores you want to do for him, whatever works for your family. Hide them all over the house. Give dad a map with clues such as “Look where we eat family dinner” or “Look in your favorite cuddling spot with mom” things like that. Happy hunting!

Whatever you decide to do with your dad, make it special and memorable as a family! We’d also love to hear your Father’s Day traditions and ideas. Leave a comment below.

Happy Father’s Day!