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Free & cheap veterinary care near Shannon, GA

Free & cheap veterinary care near Shannon, GA

In order to maximize the life of our pets, getting them proper healthcare treatment is necessary. There are hundreds of diseases that pose a risk to our pets that’s prevented by routine preventative care provided through our veterinarians.


Unfortunately, the cost of veterinary care has increased over the decades, making it unaffordable for many pet owners across Shannon, Georgia. Leaving their pets vulnerable to a shortened life span and poor quality of life. To help aid in the rising costs of pet healthcare, we have complied a list of veterinarians that offer discounted or low-income services to pet owners in need.

Free and Low-Cost Pet Help in Shannon, GA

West Georgia Spay and Neuter Clinic

At West Georgia Spay and Neuter Clinic, they understand the troubles people have when it comes to the cost of veterinary care. In order to help pet owners make pet healthcare more affordable, they offer several discounted services. The Fix Fido and Sewell program requires a $20 co-pay for spay or neutering services for anyone who receives any form of government assistance. Additionally, they also provide vaccines for $15 to $20, 30-day flea and tick prevention for $15, Heartworm $25 to $45, and umbillical hernia repair for $15. To see if you qualify or see their other services, click here.

Euharlee Animal Clinic


The Euharlee Animal Clinic provides new puppy and kitten owners with free materials and information that will help them care for their new pet and learn all they need to know about their pets first years of life. In addition, they also offer several vaccination packages that allow pet owners to get the vaccines their pet needs at a discounted rate. To find out more about the services Euharlee Animal Clinic offers, click here.

Humane Society Of Northwest Georgia

The Humane Society Of Northwest Georgia aims to end overpopulation in Georgia by performing low cost spay and neutering services to pet owners.  To get more information, click here.

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