Free Christmas Gifts and Food near Macon GA

(Last Updated On: January 4, 2019)

If Christmas is coming and you don’t know how you’re going to put presents under the tree and food under the table, you can stop the struggle! We found ways to help you get free Christmas gifts and food in Macon GA.

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Get free Christmas gifts in Macon, GA!

You can get free Christmas gifts and food near Macon GA! The county has three organizations that work to offer Christmas gifts to residents of Macon and beyond in Bibb County. Each year, the organizations work together to find the best gifts for the best families. They swap families out each year. For example, if you received help from Kids Yule Love last year, you’ll likely receive help from Toys for Tots or Christmas Tree Angel this year!

Kids Yule Love provides Christmas gifts to children in need in Macon, GA! The organization helps children by providing them with toys that are geared toward their age. You can apply for help through the organization and you will need to provide them with information on your kids’ ages. The organization may also ask for information on your income and your household size.

Toys for Tots Macon might be able to help you with free Christmas gifts in Macon! The organization provides children with free toys. Parents can sign up as early as September. You will need to provide information about your income, your household size and things your child is interested in. If approved, the organization may pick things related to what your kids like, but there are no guarantees.

Christmas Tree Angel is a way for kids to get the toys they want. If your child knows what he or she likes, you can let the Salvation Army know when you sign up for Christmas Tree Angel. From there, the Salvation Army will attempt to get exactly what your child wants. When applying for help, you will need to provide information related to your income and your household size.

Get free Christmas gifts and food near Macon Ga.

Project Giving offers a Christmas family adoption program. The organization will “adopt” certain families for Christmas. You must be low-income and you must meet certain household guidelines to get help through Project giving. The organization not only helps with just adopting families, but they also help by providing free Christmas gifts and food in Bibb County GA. When you’re adopted, the organization might provide gifts for you and your children. They may also help you by inviting you to a meal or giving you items to make your own meal!

Angels with Faith is not in Bibb County, GA, but they might be able to help some residents in the county. They offer free Christmas gifts and food in Bibb County GA for families in need. If you’re within one hour of the location in Winder, you can get food and gifts delivered. They service all of Georgia, but will only deliver within an hour of their location. If you can travel to their location and provide proof of need, you might get free gifts no matter where you’re at in Georgia!

You can get free Christmas food in Macon GA.

Macon Outreach Food Pantry provides holiday meal items that you can take home and prepare. You’ll need to provide proof of income and proof of your household size. You may also be required to bring other identification documentation in. In addition to offering free food at Christmas, you can get help from the general pantry once every 60 days.

Rescue Mission of Middle Georgia offers a free meal a few days before Christmas. You do not need to pay anything to go to the meal, but you will need to register ahead of time to ensure there is enough food to go around at the mission.

Valley Rescue Mission offers a free breakfast, luncheon and dinner on different days around Christmas time. The organization also offers a free dinner on Thanksgiving that everyone is welcome to come to. You do not need to register and you do not need to pay anything to come to the event.

Macon Holiday Feast is an annual tradition that happens every year in downtown Macon. Families of all sizes, religions and income levels are welcome to the feast. You do not need to register and you do not need to pay anything or meet requirements to attend. The event is generally not held on Christmas, but a few days before!

Shurlington Church of Christ offers a free meal at Christmas for families in need and anyone who wants to come. The event is religious-based, but it is not generally held on actual Christmas day. You do not need to be a member of the church to attend the meal.

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