FREE Christmas Gifts in Corry, PA!

(Last Updated On: January 1, 2019)

Need FREE Christmas gifts in Corry, PA!

We totally understand how discouraging it can be to stare down the holidays after a long, hard year. Your children deserve the best… but sometimes, life kicks you down and you just don’t have the budget for the things you want them to have.

We get it. We’ve been there. And we’ve found help.

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Get FREE Christmas Gifts in Corry, PA!

Community Shelter Services provides a Christmas sponsorship opportunity. Participating children enjoy new shoes, winter coats, blankets and one or two new toys.

Martin Luther King Center distributes Christmas toys to children who need them. They also provide a food pantry, child care, youth development programs, drug and alcohol prevent and other programs to the local community.

Salvation Army offers a Treasures for Children program that provides free Christmas gifts in Corry, PA! They also provide Christmas dinners, winter coats and clothing. You will need to be referred through a Salvation Army Worship and Service Center or another community assistance organization.

Toys for Tots enrollment is available. Just click here and select “request a toy” from the blue navigation banner near the top of the page.

USO of Pennsylvania & Southern New Jersey provides gift cards to military families that can be used for holiday items. Active duty and/or deployed military families may be eligible. Call (215) 365-8010 for more information.


Enjoy a delicious holiday meal at home with help from these Corry, PA agencies!

Please note that many food pantries are familiar with Christmas assistance programs. Contact them for help with food over the holidays… and remember to ask if they know of any other Christmas programs in your area!

Corry Area Food Pantry provides monthly food distribution for each qualifying family. They provide enough supplies to feed the family for about a week.

Saint Martin Center provides a food pantry for Erie County residents who need it.

St. Boniface Food Pantry provides free groceries to Erie County residents every other Saturday morning.


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