Free Christmas Gifts & Food in Ogle County, IL

(Last Updated On: January 1, 2019)

Living in a low-income household’s hard to deal with on a day to day basis and it’s even harder when the holidays come around. Unfortunately, many households in Ogle County, IL cannot afford to purchase items for a special Christmas dinner, let alone have the money to provide gifts under the tree for their children. In an effort to help families through the holiday season, we have provided a list of resources that provides low-income families with food, gifts, and other forms of holiday assistance for free in Ogle County.

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Trinity Lutheran Church hosts the Loaves and Fish Food Pantry. Additionally, they offer the Pajama project during the holidays, offering a free pair of pajamas and a free Christmas book to any child in need.

Salvation Army now serves Ogle County and surrounding areas during the holiday seasons. Offer those from low-income households food from their food pantry, Christmas help, gifts for children, and clothing vouchers. You must live in Ogle or DeKalb county and meet their income requirements to receive assistance.

Earth Angels holds a sponsorship program that allows low-income families to get the help they need from members of the community who are generous enough to donate their time and money. Sponsors and families in need come together and give them toys, gift certificates, or money. Earth Angels accepts children of all ages and genders and will not reject a family in need even if they do not live in Ogle County.

Toys For Tots offers they services to all community members from low-income households in Ogle County. Those in need can ask toys from Toys For Tots via their website if they meet their income qualifications. Toys donated by community members get delivered by the organization to families in need a week before Christmas. This particular organization serves children ages 12 and under.

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Lifeline Food and Self Help Project is a non-profit organization driven only by community volunteers. They offer emergency food assistance and Christmas gifts to low-income households in Ogle County when funds are available. They also offer other forms of help such as clothing and gas vouchers and self-help programs.

St. Bridget Catholic Church has their own food pantry, called the St. Bridget Food Pantry, open to all residents of Ogle County.

Rochelle Christian Food Pantry offers a food pantry for residents of Ogle County.  You might be able to get ingredients for a Christmas meal from the pantry.

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