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FREE Christmas Gifts in Hagerstown, MD!

FREE Christmas Gifts in Hagerstown, MD!

Need FREE Christmas gifts in Hagerstown, MD!


We totally understand how discouraging it can be to stare down the holidays after a long, hard year. Your children deserve the best… but sometimes, life kicks you down and you just don’t have the budget for the things you want them to have.

We get it. We’ve been there. And we’ve found help.


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Because the United Way of Southwest New Mexico keeps their 211 directory hidden from the public, I obtained this information through a private Facebook chat. My apologies for the lack of helpful links!

Get FREE Christmas Gifts in Hagerstown, MD!

Bea Gaddy Family Center provides a Christmas Party and assistance for families with children up to 12 years old. To register, you must walk in to the office between 10am and 12pm, Monday through Friday. You’ll need Maryland state ID and your children’s birth certificates. Registration begins September 1 and continues until the list is filled!


Mt. Hope Prison Ministry provides a Tree of Hope for children (under age 16) who have at least one parent incarcerated in the county. Inmates are referred to the program by the jail chaplain. In addition to Christmas gifts, this ministry provides furniture, household items and clothing for inmate families.

Salvation Army provides free Christmas gifts in Hagerstown, MD! They also provide food baskets and clothing. Children must be age 13 and under. Sign up begin in mid-October and are closed by the end of October. Apply at 525 George Street or call (301) 733-2440 for more information.

Toys for Tots distributes toys to children the week before Christmas. Sign up begins October 1. Just click here and select “request a toy” from the blue navigation banner near the top of the page. You can also call (301) 331-2683 to register.

Enjoy a delicious holiday meal at home with help from these Hagerstown, MD agencies!

Please note that many food pantries are familiar with Christmas assistance programs. Contact them for help with food over the holidays… and remember to ask if they know of any other Christmas programs in your area!

Bridge of Life provides groceries to individuals and families once per month. First time clients will need to bring photo ID and an agency referral.

Community Food Pantry requires clients to bring a food bank card from the Community Action Agency (see below). Once you have that, you can get a 3-4 day supply of food from this agency.

Faith Chapel Ministries provides groceries to anyone in need.


Hope Center at Hagerstown Rescue Mission provides hot meals and food for those who need it. You will need a food bank card from the CAC to visit this agency also.

St. Marks Lutheran Church provides a food bank for county residents who need it. Households can receive food here up to four times per year.

Washington County Community Action Council issues a food bank card to Washington County residents who need it. You can make an appointment with a Crisis Case Manager to apply.

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