How to Get a FREE Museum of Flight Membership

(Last Updated On: December 31, 2018)

Got kids between the ages of 5 and 18? Get a FREE Museum of Flight Membership through the Connections Program! Open enrollment has closed but it’s still possible to participate in this amazing membership program!

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What does the free Museum of Flight membership include?

Although it isn’t a standard Museum of Flight membership, the Connections Membership includes:

  • Unlimited admission to the Museum for the named student and one accompanying adult. Since each student’s membership gets an adult in free, this means that our entire family can got to the Museum without any admission cost!
  • Unlimited access to the Alaska Airlines Aviation Education Center and all its educational tools
  • Invitations to exclusive events and unique opportunities.
  • Early registration for select Museum programs
  • Connections Newsletter

Please note that since this isn’t a standard membership, Connections participants do not receive advertised members-only discounts or access to members-only events.

Who can get a free Museum of Flight membership?

Students between the ages of 5 and 18 can participate in this program. To sign up, you will need to attend a Connections Event at the Museum. These connections do fill up fast so you’ll need to register in advance!

You can find more information about this program by clicking here!

[alert-note]Please note that this is NOT an EBT discount![/alert-note]

I had originally mentioned this program on our EBT discounts list because I know how much our readers love free admission. However, this program is independently offered by the Museum of Flight and does NOT have anything to do with EBT cards.

Yesterday, Emily Thatcher from the Museum of Flight reached out and left this comment:

“Good afternoon, site administrator. I have one correction for this site. The Museum of Flight does not offer any discounts for EBT card holders. We’ve had a few people come to the Museum expecting a free membership, and we’ve had to tell them that being an EBT card holder does not qualify them for any discounts. Most everyone has been understanding, but very disappointed. Any chance you can remove the reference to the Museum of Flight on this site? Thank you!”

I’m sincerely sorry to anyone who was disappointed by this. I thought I’d made the terms of the Connections Program clear in my original post but apparently I was wrong, so I’ve removed the reference altogether. Please remember that I do everything I can to ensure the accuracy of this information but it’s important to read all the details I provide. If you just skim the articles, you’ll likely miss important details (like the need to sign up for this program and not just show up at the Museum)! Because all these programs are subject to change, it’s always wise to call the museum in advance and confirm the information I’ve provided.

However, Emily’s comment also prompted me to do a bit of research. The enrollment process for the Connections Program has changed. Previously, enrollment was as easy as visiting their website. Now, you’ll have to attend an event to sign up.

Here’s more information from Emily:

Our terms didn’t really change, we just closed open enrollment. I don’t think that we will ever allow open enrollment again, but instead, we will host enrollment events throughout the year. The actual terms of the membership are the same. Connections members can still visit anytime with their boarding pass, and come to exclusive events. We just aren’t adding new members unless they attend an enrollment event. Thanks for checking!

If you have any questions about this program, please let me know (or contact the museum directly). I’ll do my best to investigate and answer any questions I receive.

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