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Free Online School Resources for 2020

Free Online School Resources for 2020

Schools are closing around the country in an attempt to contain the coronavirus pandemic. If you’re concerned about your children’s education during this time, try these incredible free and low-cost educational resources!

Use these free coronavirus lesson plans.

There are many services that are offering free learning resources.


There is a free coronavirus lesson plan available at BrainPOP! It includes a movie, quiz, and more. Access it here.


There is a free coronavirus lesson plan available on Wakelet. It’s a curated list of articles, videos and other content.

These services teach many courses.

The easiest way to give your children a comprehensive education at home is to use one of these services.

ABC Mouse (ages 2-8)

Age of Learning has announced that they will provide free access to ABC Mouse, Adventure Academy and Reading IQ for families who are affected by the coronavirus school closures.

ABC Mouse provides an early-learning platform that helps children learn to recognize numbers and letters. It also helps them learn beginning reading skills in a fun and engaging way.

Adventure Academy (ages 8-13)

Adventure Academy is a more grown-up version of ABC Mouse. Also designed by Age of Learning, this service teaches a variety of subjects in an educational MMO-style game.

While your school is closed due to coronavirus, you may be eligible for free home access to Adventure Academy.

Alison (College, Certifications)

Alison offers free courses and some of them have certificates! You can take courses in health, humanities, business, math, marketing and more.

Easy Peasy All in One School (K-12)

The Easy Peasy All in One curriculum is widely used by homeschoolers because it is, well, easy. The lessons are organized and available free on their website.

EdX (High school / College)

EdX offers 2500+ online courses from 140 colleges. You can use their free system to learn about computer science, language, data, business management, engineering, humanities, and more!

Khan Academy (K – College)

The Khan Academy suite of courses include math, science, engineering, computing, arts, humanities, economics, finance, computer programming, language arts and more. It is a staple part of our homeschooling system.

Try these other educational resources, too!


ABCYa divides their games into grade levels. They have interactive activities that teach math, science, logic and more.


Breakout EDU is offering a collection of digital learning games that students can play at home. The games can be found at

National Geographic Kids

NatGeo Kids has over 100 interactive activities for kids, including games, quizzes and puzzles.

Reading IQ (ages 2-12)

Reading IQ is a digital learning library app. It is also part of the Age of Learning network.


Scholastic is offering 20 days of “exciting articles and stories, videos and fun learning challenges” to affected students. You can access their resources at

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