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Free Resources for Teachers During Coronavirus Closures

Free Resources for Teachers During Coronavirus Closures

Schools are closing around the country in an attempt to contain the coronavirus pandemic. If you are a teacher or school district employee, you may be able to claim some incredible free resources for your students during the time your schools are closed.

Keep learning during the coronavirus closure!

These services offer educational lessons, quizzes, games and more to help students continue learning even while the schools are closed.

Age of Learning

Age of Learning is offering free home access to all affected families. Their award-winning learning platforms include ABC Mouse, Adventure Academy, and ReadingIQ.


BrainPOP is offering free unlimited use of its distance learning system to any school anywhere that is closed due to coronavirus. The free use will remain as long as the school is closed.


Breakout EDU is offering a collection of digital learning games that students can play at home. The games can be found at

Discovery Education

Discovery Education has created a special Viruses and Outbreak Channel to discuss the pandemic. They have also decided to provide FREE access to the entire Discovery Education Experience throughout the end of the school year to any schools that are not already participating in Discovery Education.

In order to access this resource, the principal or superintendent of your school/district will need to fill out the Experience Access Form.


Elementari is offering free access to the entire Elementari platform for teachers with up to 90 students. This online software allows students to write, code and share interactive stories. This access will be offered until May 2020 or until the school reopens.

Kahoot! Premium

Kahoot Premium is being offered for free to all K-12 schools or higher education institutions that are closed due to coronavirus. The service includes video conferencing software, as well as self-paced learning games, assessments and more. Details here.


Mangahigh offers mathematics content. All impacted schools can sign up using the link for a free account with full access to MangaHigh. This free access will continue as long as the schools are closed.


MobyMax offers a comprehensive curriculum in math, ELA, science and social students for children up to 8th grade. The software is being offered free to all schools and districts that have been forced to close because of COVID-19.

Mystery Science

Mystery Science is offering a limited number of free memberships. Their platform features science lessons that cover a wide variety of topics.


Teachers who work in a school that has been closed due to coronavirus can claim a free Level 1 Seterra Geography membership. You will need to submit your name, the name of the school, the location of the school and your email address. Your free account will remain active for six months.


Tynker is an online coding platform. Schools that are affected by coronavirus can access the self-paced, on-demand courses until May 2020. If your school doesn’t reopen until after that, the offer may be extended until the school reopens.

Try these free presentation creation tools!

Work on individual projects or collaborate on group projects from a safe distance with these free programs.

Book Creator

Book Creator is offering a premium feature for free for the next 90 days. This service allows teachers and students to work together and create book-like presentations remotely.


This website helps users create and share visual presentations, including reports, newsletters and more. Schools can receive free Buncee Classroom accounts during the time the school is closed. Request your account here.

Use these free remote learning resources.

There are many distance-learning software providers that are offering their platforms at a discount during the coronavirus closures!

Pear Deck

Pear Deck is providing free individual and district-wide accounts for quarantined education communities. Request your accounts here.


This tool allows you to share screens, manage announcements and discussions, and offers other features designed to facilitate distance learning.


Hāpara offers a communication platform and instructional suite that makes at-home learning easier. They are offering free access until the end of June 2020 to help schools that are currently closing due to coronavirus.


EdPuzzle is also offering free access to teachers during the coronavirus closures. Here’s how to claim your free account.

EP for Learning

EP offers an online learning platform that allows teachers to monitor student progress, provide feedback and teach from a distance. The company has decided to offer free and unlimited access to their platform to all schools until the first of May.

Kami Education

A free Premium license to Kami Education is available to teachers and educators impacted by COVID-19. The deal is available until April 30th but may be extended until schools reopen.

Listenwise Premium

This program allows teachers to roster students, make online written assignments and assign multiple choice quizzes. The service includes over 2,000 lessons that can be assigned. Schools that are closed for health reasons can receive free access to Listenwise Premium through April 30th at no cost.


NearPod provides thousands of pre-made lessons and allows teachers to launch live lessons, assign self-paced work, track performance and collaborate. The service is available free for affected teachers and schools.

Parlay Ideas

Use the code “bye-corona” for free access to Parlay until April 30th. On April 30th, the company will reassess and see if an extension is needed.


Pronto provides video and chat conferencing to help people work remotely. It is now available to teachers for free during this time.


Screencastify has offered to help affected schools at no cost.

Slido for Education

Slido for Education was supposed to debut at SXSW but the event was cancelled due to COVID-19. Instead, they are now offering their online lecturing tools for free to teachers in affected schools. The free access will last until July 1.


Twinkl is offering free access to all Twinkl resources for the next month. This offer is availalbe to all teachers and parents of children who attend schools that are closed. Details here.

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