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FREE School Supplies in Allegheny County, PA

FREE School Supplies in Allegheny County, PA

School supplies in Allegheny County on the brain? Whether you live in Pittsburgh, Homestead, Ross Township, or anywhere else in Allegheny County, the services gathered here are sure to be of great service to you.


According to county statistics, Allegheny County has approx. 1.2 million people living in it. The main city is Pittsburgh with other cities and towns surrounding it. The population of Allegheny County makes it the second largest in the state of Pennsylvania, right behind Philadelphia County.

As an underlying layer of caution, we would like to make sure that you check any website’s “Contact” page for more information on who to talk to about certain events.


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Free School Supplies in Allegheny County, PA

Bountiful Blessings is a church, with multiple locations, working to serve families in Pennsylvania. The church has several programs listed such as a Back to School session, bountiful harvest, summer reading, and as well as a Christmas event. The “Back to School” program offers children enough of the right supplies to kickstart their year in the right way. Information is limited to the specifics of the school event, but their website should shed some more light should you have questions.

Volunteers of America – Pennsylvania is an organization that doesn’t just operate out of Pennsylvania – they’re nationwide. This group works to provide families with services that they might need to keep going. They provide disability programs, housing services, and child/youth services. One of the services for children is known as “Operation Backpack”. This program offers children a backpack full of school supplies for the year – along with a new backpack.


South Hills Interfaith operates just on the edge of Allegheny County and in Pittsburgh. Their services range from food and clothing to communities and families. They hosted a program which distributed 700 backpacks to students who needed one. There is no word on if this is an annual event but the article written about the event will give you an idea of how the program went.

Hills District Education Council works to help students and families, not only in the classroom but outside of it too. They run various programs to ensure that kids get the most out of their education. The Council runs an annual program called the “Back to School” celebration. This bash gives kids a chance to gain some school supplies while having some fun in the sun. Since this is an annual event, you can be sure that there will be an announcement for an upcoming party. Their Facebook page has much more information for you to soak up.

Community Empowerment Association is a community-based organization for anyone and everyone. This group holds an annual “Back to School” drive. This drive starts off with people willing to make donations then it moves to distribute the goods to students in need. The information given is for an event held previously but the information will be viable until further notice.

Pittsburgh Public Schools hosts an annual back to school drive. The school system knows the value of equipping children with the basic needs for school and have put together a drive to support that. The drive offers kids a full stock of supplies to be ready for class. There is also an event being held for the parents to go and learn more about a few resources that might be of great assistance to them in the future. Your child may even sit down and get a fresh new haircut.

Free Clothes in Allegheny County, PA

New Vision Community Church is described as a clothes exchange ministry. The church is open to accepting clothes throughout the year and will then distribute them. Their distribution days run every second Saturday of every month. Families and come, bring their children, for a chance to gain some new clothes for free through their “Kids Closet”.

NorthShore Community Alliance has their own clothing service called “Carol’s Closet”. This “closet” was designed to provide families with an easy and comfortable place to shop for free clothes for their family. To be able to utilize this opportunity, you must be a standing member of the NorthShore Community Alliance. Here you can shop for household items, clothes, and even toys for your kids.

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