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Get Free Christmas Gifts in Philadelphia County, PA

Get Free Christmas Gifts in Philadelphia County, PA

Whether you live in Philadelphia the city or Philadelphia the county, we’ve found agencies that can help you get free Christmas gifts and food this holiday season!

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Get Free Christmas Gifts in Philadelphia County, PA

ABC Men offers the Adopt-A-family program where families receive gifts of up to $50 per family member from community members and organizations.

Archdiocese Of Philadelphia and Catholic Social Services holds their annual Archbishops Christmas for families in need every holiday season. Offering holiday treats, a Christmas pageant, and wrapped gifts passed out by Santa and his elves.

Bringing Hope Home offers the Adopt-A-Family program to families struggling due to a cancer diagnosis.

Dear Santa Society offers toys, food, and clothing to families in need during the holidays throughout Greater Philadelphia, Northwest Ohio, and South Jersey. Families receive items based on their level of need.

Eastern State Penitentiary holds their annual toy drive between December 1st through December 23rd. This holiday toy drive collects toys, books, games, and other small gifts for children who has a parent incarcerated in any PA prison.

Liberty USO invites all military families who struggle during the holidays to sign up for their Adopt-A-Family program. Families get paired with sponsors who buy toys, clothing, gift cards, gas cards, and small gifts for each family member.

Pathways current Pathways clients can register for their holiday Adopt-A-Family program where they’ll receive toiletries, bed linen, socks, and other basic necessities. Additionally, clients can receive holiday kits.

Salvation Army offers the Adopt-A-Family program for low-income families living in Philadelphia County. Eligible families receive toys, clothing, games, and books for their children a few days before Christmas.

Soldier’s Angels offers the Adopt-A-Family program for military and veteran families across Philadelphia County. Families receive presents for their children, small gifts, and gift cards for food. To take part, applicants must register with the Soldier’s Angels and meet requirements.

Toys For Tots holds an annual toy drive every year to collect new, unopened toys for economically challenged families in Philadelphia County. Families receive toys, games, books, and even bicycles, delivered a few days before Christmas. Families must register each of their children for the program by using the request toys link on their website.

USPS Operation Santa invites low-income families to sign up for delivery cheer program. Through this program, families receive toys, clothing, gift cards, and other small gifts from generous community members and organizations. To take part in this program, applicants must pre-register and get approved.

Get Free Food In Philadelphia County, PA

Bridesburg United Methodist Church invites all low-income families living in Philadelphia County to their food pantry. Families receive food based on their household size and can visit the pantry by appointment once per month. During Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, they offer special holiday dinner boxes for families.

Share Food Program invites low to moderate income families, seniors, veterans, homeless, and anyone else struggling to make ends meet to their food pantry. This pantry offers holiday dinner boxes filled with all the ingredients needed to make a traditional holiday meal.

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Wednesday 19th of December 2018

Is there any websites where you can go where people can find your family and adopt them and help you with stuff we've been in a big custody battle and he got very nasty it just ended a week ago I mean it got really bad to where the cops had to come and he had to leave I got to get it's it's chaos and now I'm living with my mother he got to keep all my furniture and I am very mad he want as far as lying on me and saying I hurt my young son when he is the only one that ever smacked my kids I never laid a hand on my kid ever it's just not fair to me that everybody he's a good manipulator he never worked he collect unemployment and spend it as soon as he gets it he doesn't even pay rent I left one of my children my daughter is 13 myotis I left with my children 7 * to go back and live with my mother because he wanted to not pay the rent he didn't even want to do have nothing to do with nothing but when he left me last year I took him to court and he owes me $8,000 in child support and he told me he would get back at me and he got back at me okay he wants her to school James Dobson Elementary and stoled my children out of school for his name is not even on the birth certificate and they let him have the records of my kids and take them I want to the school looking for them I think I may actually have a lawsuit on the school district

Riley Thomson

Saturday 22nd of December 2018

Mara, That sounds awful. If you have tried all of the resources listed with no luck, you could try for more resources in your area. Also, here is a link to our legal aid directory in case you need to reach out to an attorney. I hope this helps. -Riley

Elizabeth saracino

Sunday 9th of December 2018

I run a recovery house at 4610 melrose st all the men in the house are sick. I've been taking care of. These men for 7 years i really could use a Christmas they didn't have Thanksgiving i would really to see them Happy for Christmas please can you help. I've been trying since the day after Thanksgiving to have a Christmas its called melrose recovery. in not for drugs it for sick. Older men i would really to like them to have Christmas

Riley Thomson

Monday 10th of December 2018

Elizabeth, We are an informational website that connects families with resources in their area. If you have tried all of the resources listed with no success, you could try for more resources in your area. I hope this helps. -Riley

I. Nicole Speller

Tuesday 13th of November 2018

I am looking for donations of gently used toys and clothing for our church's Outreach Ministry, we service West Philadelphia and beyond all year and during the holidays. If you know of any organization that would be able to help us, please let us know, thank you.

Riley Thomson

Tuesday 13th of November 2018

I. Nicole, We are an informational website that helps low income families find local resources. We don't give out donations of any kind. Sorry we couldn't be of more help! -Riley