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Get Housing Help

Low income housing can be hard to find. However, we’ve found many resources that can help – from renting with Section 8 to buying a home with a steep discount!

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Need help paying your rent?

Do you need help with your rent costs? We’ve found resources that can help!

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Get help with security deposits!

Move-in costs can be impossible. It’s hard enough to pay rent, let alone come up with first, last and a deposit. Fortunately, there are many organizations that can help you with these extra charges.

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Buy a House with Section 8?!

In many areas, Public Housing Authorities allow Section 8 users to buy homes with their Section 8 benefits! Here’s how it works.


Are you ready to SAVE MONEY

We’ll show you how to get $5/month internet, free cell phone service, free laptops and even free cars!


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How to Buy a House with Low Income, Bad Credit & No Down Payment

Want to buy a house? It may be easier than you think! We’ve found tons of programs that help low income homebuyers.

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3 Things You Need to Know about Wait Lists

Wait lists are everywhere when you’re looking for low income housing… but they may not be as straightforward as you expect! There are many situations where you may jump ahead on the list.

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How to Identify Housing Discrimination

Housing discrimination happens all the time and it may be more subtle than you expect! You need to know how to identify it and protect yourself from it.

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How to Apply for Section 8

Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers can help you with housing expenses! If you need help with rent costs, check this out!


How can we help you?

Low Income Relief has helped countless people connect with housing resources!

I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for this information. Being a provider for 13 years, I am always searching for services for my clients.

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Jayne B.


Hello! I have been a fan of yours for over a year! You have helped answer questions for me on taxes, food stamps and self sufficiency. I think your site helps a variety of people.

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Cynthia M.


I am so appreciative of this site, because it has helped me find great affordable options for my family. From how to access more affordable Amazon subscriptions to how to better budget my family’s money or make homemade cleaning products… LIR has always been in my corner!

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Nicole P.


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