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Get a Prescription for FRESH Fruits & Veggies!

Get a Prescription for FRESH Fruits & Veggies!

A new pilot program in the Seattle area is literally prescribing fresh fruits and vegetables to local low-income diabetics. This program is designed to help eligible patients continue to eat healthy even after their food stamps and other resources run out.


“If you look at the rates of hospital admissions due to uncontrolled blood sugar due to diabetes,” said the President and CEO of Food Lifeline, Linda Nageotte, “more often that happens toward the end of the month when folks have run out of food.”

When the money runs out and the food disappears from the cupboards, those high-risk patients turn to cheap food options which are often unhealthy.


To prevent this, this program provides healthy produce to patients who qualify. The food selection includes apples, cabbage, onions, bell peppers and other fresh, healthy produce.

To receive the fresh produce, patients must be screened by healthcare professionals at Sea Mar Community Health Centers and prescribed the healthy items.


This program is currently in pilot and may be expanded if it’s successful.

This was first reported on King 5 News.


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Nicholas Sacca

Tuesday 5th of February 2019

I am a high risk type 2 diabetic in Southwest Florida. Is their a program like that for fresh fruit and veggies in my area, or is is solely Seattle? If so, that would make me and my Endocrinologist very happy! Thank you!

Riley Thomson

Monday 29th of April 2019

Nicholas, So far we haven't found anything for your area. You could also try for more resources near you. I hope this helps.