Struggling to Pay Your Mason County PUD 1 Bill? We Found Help

(Last Updated On: January 4, 2019)

If you find yourself regularly unable to pay your Mason County PUD 1 bill, we understand. We’ve been there and have struggled to pay our utility bills too! Check out these ways we found to help you pay your bill.

Need help paying your bill? We found it!

LIHEAP can help you pay a portion of your bill during the winter months. It’s for low-income individuals only and offers you a chance to get relief on a part of your bill. You can apply for the program through the community action council.

The Canal Comfort Fund may help you pay a portion of your Mason County PUD 1 bill. You need to apply through the PUD for the discount. You’ll be required to show proof of need, proof of income and any other documentation you have that would help qualify you for assistance.

Avoid shut off with these resources.

Faith in Action West Sound may help with utility bills. You will need to show your shut off notice and provide proof of need through income or bank statements. FIAWS only helps out once per year and only when funding is available.

While Saint Vincent DePaul Society in Olympia generally helps out with housing costs, they may be able to provide some assistance for utility bills. You’ll need to show them a shut-off notice and your inability to pay. They can help in amounts up to $75, but only when funding is available.

North Mason Resources works with families and low-income individuals in Mason County. They offer them help through utility bill assistance. They may also help with resources to help teach you about energy efficiency and reducing your usage.

Mason County PUD 1 has helpful payment options.

If you’re struggling to pay your bill right now, but know you’ll be able to pay it later, you may qualify for payment arrangements. While Mason County PUD 1 does not have specific procedures for offering payment arrangements, they look at each situation on a case-by-case basis. You will need to contact Mason County PUD 1 to make the payment arrangements. You cannot start a new payment arrangement if you are on budget billing or any extension program through Mason County PUD 1.

The budget billing program may help you be prepared for your utility bill. Knowing what the bill is each month makes it easier to pay. It also helps you in case there are huge drops or spikes in temperature. At the end of the budget billing period, you’ll need to pay to make up for any amount you used over the average.

Lower your Mason County PUD 1 bill with free upgrades.

To help offset the costs of energy efficiency, Mason County PUD 1 offers incentives and rebates for energy conservation. In some cases, the incentives and rebates will add up to cover the full cost of your appliances or heating system.

Washington’s weatherization assistance program can help you pay for upgrades to your home. The program is intended to make your home more efficient and easier to stay comfortable. The program may cover the cost of new appliances, added insulation and even changes to your heating system. You will need to apply for the program through a community action agency.

As a courtesy, Mason County PUD 1 offers a free home energy survey through the Home Energy Saver program. You can do the survey yourself to learn about how you are using energy and whether you are using it the right way. The survey is easy to complete and doesn’t take a long time, but it provides valuable insight into where you can change your energy usage habits.

Try these things to lower your Mason County PUD 1 bill!

There are many ways you can reduce your energy usage to lower your bill. Our favorite tips can help you reduce energy without spending extra money!

Save even more money in Washington.

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