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Get Help Now

Get Help Now

If you’re in a crisis and need help immediately, please use the links below or search our site for more information.


There are several ways to get free food in the United States. If you need food right now, you may be able to use any or all of the options below.

FREE Groceries

You may be able to get free groceries from a food bank or food pantry in your area. You may even be able to get free groceries from grocery stores when you shop with certain apps. Here are 10 ways that you can get free groceries.

FREE Money for Food

There are several ways that you can get money for food! When you use these options, you’ll be able to choose the food that you buy so you can have a little more control over your diet. This is especially helpful for people with special dietary needs.

The most common ways to get free money for food are through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (also known as SNAP, EBT or food stamps) or through WIC.


The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program helps low income people by providing monthly funds on an EBT card. The EBT card can be used to purchase eligible food items from participating grocery stores and farmer’s markets. Here’s how to apply.

Once you have an EBT card, we have even more information that can help you. We’ll show you how to get more food stamps, how to get cash back on food stamps (legally!) and even how to get discounts with your EBT card.


WIC is a food program for Women, Infants and Children. This specialty program provides nutritious foods like fresh produce, peanut butter and milk to pregnant women and children under five years of age. Here’s what you need to know about WIC and how to apply.

FREE Pet Food

Pets are family but they can be very expensive! Fortunately, we’ve found ways you can get free pet food and even free veterinary care services. You can find all of our pet-related resources at this link.


Housing is so expensive! The resources you need depend on your situation, so be sure to browse the subheadings below for more information.


If you are homeless, please call 211 right away to find resources that can help. I also recommend reaching out to your local Salvation Army, St. Vincent de Paul and Community Action Agency for assistance.

Here are some additional resources that may be able to help:

You can also find all of our homeless resources here.


Moving can be really difficult and expensive. We’ve found resources that can help! For example, here’s a list of organizations that can assist with security deposits!

You can find our guide to moving on a budget for help with free moving boxes and more!


Renting can be so complicated sometimes. If you need help paying your rent, here’s a list of organizations that offer rent relief. We’ve also found some resources that can help with security deposits as well.

Buying a home?

We have found a ton of resources that can help you buy a home!

Some of the resources we’ve found include:
✅ Dollar Homes
✅ Down Payment Assistance Grants
✅ Free Homes for Veterans
✅ How to Buy a House with Section 8 Vouchers
✅ and more!

If you’d like more information about how to get low income homebuyer’s assistance, check out this guide.

Own a home?

Owning a home can be really expensive! Fortunately, we’ve found some resources for home repair grants, property tax exemptions, free energy improvements, and more!

Low Income Housing

Low income housing can be hard to find but we’ve found 10 low income housing options that you should always use to start your search.

And don’t be deterred by long wait lists! As this guide shows, wait lists are not as straightforward as you might think.

Housing Discrimination

Housing discrimination is, unfortunately, very common. If you think you’ve been the victim of discrimination, you need to read this.

You may also want to consult with an attorney. You can chat with one right away through our sponsor, JustAnswer! For just a few dollars, they can connect you with thousands of experts. Chat with a lawyer now!


Bills can be a real budget-buster. We’ve found many tips and tricks to keep more money in your pocket.

(By the way, the Trim Negotiation Bot can help you save money on many different kinds of bills! You can try it here.)

Rent / Housing

If you need help paying for your rent, click here for a list of agencies that can help! You may also be able to get help with your security deposit.


We have found a few ways to get free and very low-cost internet! There are several ways that you can get internet services with absolutely no cost. Here’s what you need to know.


Utilities can be a major drain on resources. I know firsthand – I was once blindsided by a $3,364 power bill! If you need help with utilities, here’s what you need to know.


People constantly ask us how to save money on cable. Your best bet is to have Trim negotiate your cable bill! You can also try one of these low-cost alternatives.

Cell Phones

You may be eligible for a free cell phone and free cell phone service. Pick your provider from this list!

Car Insurance

You may be able to get free liability insurance if you live in certain states! Here’s the list.


Debt payments can be so stressful. You can call 866-530-9949 for a free debt consultation from our friends at Care Connect USA. They can help you navigate your options.

We have also put together a helpful guide if you want to try settling your own debt. Here’s what I’ve learned from settling my own debts.

Bank Fees

Bank fees can take your money before you even have the chance to use it. If you need a better bank account (or maybe you can’t open one elsewhere), then try this!

Student Loans

Student loan payments can be crippling. You can always call 888-201-0431 for assistance with your student loans. This is the Care Connect USA’s federal student loan relief hotline.

Of course, there are other options as well. For example, my husband had $50,000 in student loans completely forgiven after he received his disability benefits. If you are disabled, you need to try this!

We have more information about student loan assistance here.

Pet Care Costs

Veterinary bills can be overwhelming,.. but we know it’s important to take care of your furbaby.

If you need help with veterinary costs, pet food or other pet care expenses, be sure to check out our pet resource guide.

You can also speak to a veterinarian right now for just a few dollars through our sponsor, JustAnswer! If you have an urgent question about your beloved pet, this is a great way to get help. Talk to a veterinarian now!


Ever feel like you have too much month at the end of your money? I know I do!

We’ve found a lot of resources. Choose from the options below for more details.


Check out the links below for employment assistance:

You can find other job resources here.

Disability Benefits

Disability benefits can be a lifesaver but they can also be very difficult to get. We have disability guides for Social Security and Veteran’s Benefits. You can also use this guide to get a disability lawyer to help with your application.

If you need a service dog, these organizations can help you get one for free (or a reduced price).

Of course, you can also talk to a disability lawyer now through JustAnswer! Assistance is available 24/7. Start here.

We have other disability resources here.

Other Benefits

Sometimes, you just need a little bit of extra help. You can apply for benefits to supplement your finances. These programs include things like food stamps, WIC, TANF, and Medicaid.


You may be able to get money for food through the SNAP program. You can even get discounts just for having the card! Here’s how to apply and here’s how to get your discounts.


If you are pregnant or have children under the age of 5, you may also be able to get help with food from WIC! Here’s what you need to know.

Section 8

If you’re struggling to afford housing costs, Section 8 may be able to help. Here’s how to apply – and here’s what you need to know about waitlists.


If you qualify for TANF, you may be able to receive cash benefits every month. Here’s how to apply.


Utility bills can be expensive. You may be able to get help through the LIHEAP program!


Sometimes, you just need a little bit of cash to get by… but most grants are for specific needs (like rent, home repairs, or prescriptions).

Here are some grant-related resources that may be able to help you:


If you need help putting a budget together, you’re not alone. Budgeting is tough stuff! These free budget tools can help!

You can also chat with a finance expert from JustAnswer for just a few dollars! Ask a financial expert for advice now.


Getting a little extra money on the side can make a big difference. Try these!


If you have transportation needs, you’re not alone. That’s one of the most common requests we get.

We’ve found organizations that provide free cars, low cost auto repair and even bike share discounts!


Need a car? Try one of these legit free vehicle giveaways! I’ve won before and I’ll show you how it’s done.

FREE Gas & Car Costs

Maintaining a vehicle can be expensive! We’ve found ways to get free car registration, free car insurance, and even free car repair! If you’re struggling with high gas prices, be sure to check out this list of organizations that offer free gas vouchers!


If you live in an area that is served by bike or scooter share programs, you may be able to get a membership for $5 per year or so! Get the details here.

Buses & Public Transportation

Need to save money on bus passes or other public transportation resources? Get a free bus pass or call 211 or contact your local Salvation Army for assistance.

Health & Dental

Dental and health care expenses can be insane. If this is an emergency, please stop chatting with me and call 911!


Dental costs are crazy. If you need help with dental, here’s what you need to know.


We’ve found ways that you can get free eye exams and affordable glasses. Check it out!


Need a doctor? There are several ways you can get help:
Apply for Medicaid
-Call 211 for sliding-scale clinics
-Find a Direct Pay Care provider.

You can also chat with a doctor right now through JustAnswer! You can ask an unlimited number of questions to a medical provider for just a few dollars. Chat with a doctor now!

Mental Health

If you need to speak to someone right now, you can always call SAMHSA’s National Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP for 24/7 assistance. You can find other free mental health resources here.

Got questions for a mental health professional? JustAnswer can connect you to thousands of highly rated, verified Psychiatrists, counselors, psychologists and more for a small fee. Chat now!

Medications & Equipment

If you need help with prescriptions, wheelchairs, or other medical devices, check out this directory of free medical equipment.

You may be able to get low-cost hearing aids by calling 888-258-5305! This line is managed by CareConnect USA, who can help you find low-cost hearing aids with affordable payment options.

Insulin assistance programs can also help diabetic patients with free insulin!

Medicaid can also help cover costs for eligible patients. Apply now!

Medical Bills

Medical bills can be overwhelming. You can call 866-530-9949 to speak with our friends and sponsors at Care Connect USA. They have a debt advice line that can help you navigate your options.

You can also use our debt settlement guide to help negotiate your medical debts.


Pursuing an education is a wonderful goal. There are many organizations and agencies that can help you reach your education goals.

FREE School Supplies

K-12 students and some college students may be able to get assistance with free school supplies, school clothes and more. Here’s how!

FREE Computers

There are many organizations that help students with free computers, laptops and tablets. Here’s how to get a free computer.

FREE Internet

Students may be able to get free internet services through their school or one of these other providers!

FREE Scholarships

We’ve found scholarships and freebies for college students!

Get a GED

If you haven’t already, you can get a GED for free or cheap using these tools.

Legal Aid

We’ve found free legal aid in all 50 states! Find help in your area here or try Solosuit, a tool that can help you answer lawsuits for free.

You can chat with an attorney 24/7 through JustAnswer! You can ask an unlimited number of questions for a small subscription fee. Talk to a lawyer now!

Holiday Help

Holidays are hard when you’re barely getting by. If you need a little help this holiday season, you’ve come to the right place!


We’ve found free Christmas gifts, food, trees and more all over the US! Get help now.


Thanksgiving is tough when you’re broke. Here’s how to get a free Thanksgiving meal and how to have a cheap holiday (and use all those leftovers).


Need help with Halloween costs? Try these cheap costumes and cheap treat ideas!


There are so many great freebies and deals available in the summertime! Here’s a list of our favorites.

Free Fun

There are so many affordable adventures out there! Here’s a list of our favorites:

You may also be eligible for a FREE National Parks pass or FREE State Parks pass benefits!

More Help

I’m not sure how to help you, so you may want to talk to a social worker with more expertise in this area.

You can chat with one right now through our sponsor, JustAnswer! They have thousands of experts standing by, and you can ask an unlimited number of questions for just a few dollars. Get help now with JustAnswer!