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Get Free Help in Arkansas!

Get Free Help in Arkansas!

Are you looking for help in Arkansas? We’re here to help! Whether you’re searching for help with food, housing, benefits, pet care costs, or something else entirely, we’ve here to help you connect with the resources you need. We’ve found help in Little Rock, Fayetteville, Fort Smith and more areas across the state!

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Get FREE Stuff with Arkansas EBT!

Got an EBT card in Arkansas? We’ve found freebies and deals for you – including discounted admission to some of Arkansas’ best museums!

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Need help with pet care costs in Arkansas?

If you need help with pet care costs, you can’t afford to miss this! We’ve found help with veterinary costs, pet food and more!

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Get Internet for $5/mo or less!

Are you paying too much for internet? We’ve found many programs that are $20/month or less – and some are even FREE!

Are you ready to SAVE MONEY

We’ll show you how to get $5/month internet, free cell phone service, free laptops and even free cars!


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How to Get Transportation Assistance

Need help getting from one place to another? We’ve found seven options that can help you!

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Get Free Legal Aid in Arkansas

Lawyers are expensive! If you need legal assistance in Arkansas, check out these free and low-cost legal aid providers.

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Get Home Repair Grants

Need help fixing up your housing? We’ve found low income home repair grants in Arkansas that may be able to help!

How can we help you?

Low Income Relief has helped countless people get help in Arkansas!

Actually all of this checked out! I’m sure each state has their own set of rules but generally speaking, I’ve had no issues in Texas, Kentucky, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois and Florida with any of this information regarding EBT!!!

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Cheryl R


I utilize all the coupons and offers provided by the site.. basically it’s my lifeline.. I find resources that I had no clue my county and/or state offered, and I’m forever grateful!!

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Myreka B.


I can’t even begin to say how LIR has helped me. Nicole works hard to help us out. Not just young adults or young families, but us seniors as well.

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Joy W.


How does Low Income Relief help in Arkansas?

Statistically, Arkansas is the seventh poorest state in the United States. That’s a big problem!

In 2020, it was revealed that about 16% of people in Arkansas live in poverty. For the purposes of this report, poverty is defined as the percentage of people with incomes below the poverty line (which was $25,926 for a family of four at the time of the survey).

Over the years that Low Income Relief has existed, we’ve learned that many people in Arkansas don’t know about the programs that exist to help them. If they don’t know about these programs, they can’t use them… and they struggle more than they have to because there isn’t an easy way to find this information.

That’s why we created Low Income Relief. We wanted to help low income people in Arkansas and across the country quickly and easily find the benefits that they may qualify for. We’ve helped tons of people save money, get free stuff and make ends meet by helping them discover programs that can meet their needs.

In this guide, you’ll find everything we’ve found that is unique to your state. For more assistance that is available nationwide, be sure to check this link as well. If you have any questions, you can chat with Lira now or leave a comment anywhere on our website for more information.

All Low Income Help in Arkansas

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