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How Banks are Helping During the COVID-19 Pandemic

How Banks are Helping During the COVID-19 Pandemic

If you’re worried about your finances during the coronavirus pandemic, you’re not alone. Fortunately, we’ve found many banking institutions that are helping their customers through this crisis.


These banks are helping customers during COVID-19.

If you don’t see your financial institution listed, please leave a comment and let me know! I’ll research it as soon as I can.

Ally Financial

Ally Financial is supporting their customers in many different ways.


  • Ally is allowing auto and home loan customers to defer their payments for a period of time.
  • Ally is also waiving fees for overdrafts, excessive transactions, expediting checks and debit cards until July 18, 2020.

Fifth Third Bank

Fifth Third Bank is offering several programs to their customers, including:

  • Fifth Third is offering deferments for auto loans and forbearance for mortgages.
  • Fifth Third is also waiving monthly payments on credit cards for up to 90 days with no late fees.
  • A fee waiver program has been established for certain consumer and small business services.


If you bank at HSBC, then you need to know about all of the coronavirus relief programs this bank is offering.


  • HSBC is offering fee waivers for ATM, overdrafts, insufficient funds transactions and monthly maintenance fees. They are also waiving early withdrawal penalties for CDs.
  • They are offering mortgage and home equity assistance programs.

HSBC is also offering to defer or reduce payments for personal loans, credit cards and lines of credit. They are also waiving cash advance, NSF, overdraft and late fees for the first 60 days after you enroll. For personal loans, the payments will be rolled over to the end of your loan. They will not report anything negative to the credit bureaus.

TD Bank

TD Bank is offering a variety of assistance options, including deferring payments and waiving late payment fees for personal loans, mortgages, auto loans, and lines of credit. You will need to contact the right department to get that deferment set up.

Get more help during the coronavirus crisis.


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Friday 17th of April 2020

I bank at Huntington Bank in Columbus, Ohio. They charged me over 500. In overdraft fees last month including a $25. "Continuance overdraft fee! I am on Social Security and they took out of my deposit!