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Looking for cheap apartments for rent in Indianapolis?

Looking for cheap apartments for rent in Indianapolis?

Are you looking for affordable apartments for rent in Indianapolis? Whether you’re looking for Indianapolis apartments or home for rent, we understand your frustration. We’ve scoured the web for resources and been frustrated at the lack of low income housing available in your area.


“Marion County is suffering from a severe shortage of affordable housing,” Indianapolis Business Journal author Scott Olson reported, “and the inventory is not expect to increase anytime soon.”

That’s discouraging – and it means it’s harder than ever to find an a


Here’s what we’ve found.

Step One: Apply for help. 


Indianapolis apartments can be very expensive! If you’re low income and looking for affordable options, you can quickly become overwhelmed by the prices.

Fortunately, the Indianapolis Housing Agency (IHA) exists to help make housing more affordable for those who can’t afford the current market rates.

You can complete an online pre-application. The application includes Section 8, Supportive Housing for the Homeless & Disabled, Elderly/Disabled Housing and the IHA’s three primary low income housing programs:

Subsidized Housing is a program where the rent amount you pay is based on your income. Usually, you pay 30% of your monthly income toward your rent and IHA pays the rest. You must meet income limits to participate in a subsidized housing program.

Affordable Housing is a program where the rent amount is based on the apartment size. Since the rates are lower than average, you must meet income limits to participate in the affordable housing program.

Market Rate Housing is a program where rents are based on the comparative market analysis. No income limits apply for this program.

To begin, you must complete the online pre-application screening. It can take 24 hours for this pre-application to process. There is a waiting list for many of these properties, but you will be able to select the wait lists you would like to apply for. Apply for all the communities you’re willing to live in!


Step Two: Visit

If you need help in Indiana, can help you out! These state-by-state resource maps are actually a service of Low Income Relief! Our volunteers are continually adding new information to these maps, usually by request.

We’ve added the affordable housing properties in Indianapolis. If you’re looking for something else, leave us a comment below!

Step Three: Search the Listings

When all else fails… it’s back to the traditional housing search. We’re constantly searching for affordable housing all over the US, so we’ve developed a few tips and tricks to make your Indianapolis apartments search a little easier. is one of the best and easiest to use sites to find housing. Their search tool is easy to use, very reliable and the list can easily be sorted by price. We were able to quickly find Indianapolis apartments for $300 or so using this tool!

Advertisements is another great place to look for Indianapolis apartments. They list the prices for all the different units on the main screen, so you don’t have to click into it to find the pricing for each size unit. Again, the search features work very well and it’s easy to sort the list by price.

Craigslist is, unfortunately, still an important place to look for housing. It includes mobile homes, duplexes and other units that may not be listed on t other two websites.

Unfortunately, we’ve found that the search features on Craigslist often don’t function very well. Instead of using the search tools in the sidebar, simply organize your list with the lowest prices at the top.

Skip over any that list the price as less than $100 – it sounds too good to be true and it definitely is. In the $100-$500 price range, you can expect that the price you’re seeing is weekly and not monthly. Go ahead and read the listing if you want to but be very skeptical.

While on Craigslist, avoid any “rent to own” scams and generally be wary of anything that sounds too good to be true.




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