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Did you know your Louisiana library card can do this?!

Did you know your Louisiana library card can do this?!

Do you have a library card? If not, you should get one today! Library cardholders in Louisiana can receive FREE movie downloads, FREE music downloads and so much more through their local library system.


Don’t believe us?

Click here to find out what’s available at your local library!


Get more FREE stuff in Louisiana!


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Sunday 14th of March 2021

I need internet in farmerville Louisiana. Can you help me?

Hannah Benge

Tuesday 20th of April 2021

Here is what we have for free internet! I hope this helps! -Hannah


Tuesday 26th of February 2019

This would be great to be able to check out a hotspot. We live too far out for anything other than Hughes Net which is too expensive. My children have online projects that need to do for school and I would like to go back to school online. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You

Riley Thomson

Thursday 28th of February 2019

Sarah, This is everything we have for low income internet. Also, What library do you use? We could check to see if they have hotspots available. I hope this helps. -Riley

Caroline Meadows

Thursday 24th of January 2019

How about New Orleans?! Thanks

Riley Thomson

Saturday 2nd of February 2019

Caroline, I went ahead and put this on our research list. Thanks. -Riley

Alicia Bailey

Sunday 30th of December 2018

I live in Jonesboro, LA . Could you please find out what my local library offers. It is in the parish of Jackson. I never have anything leftover after bills no this would be a nice change if it does offer something.

Riley Thomson

Monday 31st of December 2018

Alicia, I added this to the research list. Thanks. -Riley


Thursday 15th of November 2018

Hello Nicole. I live in Baton Rouge, La. Can you find out what great things my library card offers? Me and my grandbabies have library cards. I would love to get the most out of them. We all love to read but we like other things too. Being on a tight budget makes extras hard but I really want them to enjoy as much of life and childhood as possible. Thank you for this information.

Riley Thomson

Friday 16th of November 2018

Elicia, I am managing comments for Nicole today. Thanks for reaching out. I just put this on the research list. Check back with us for updates. Thanks. -Riley