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(Last Updated On: January 4, 2019)

Need help with Lakeview Light and Power? We can help!

It’s the end of the month, so you’ve already drained your wallet on other bills and you open your mailbox to find a shutoff notice from your electric company. We’ve all been there. With rising electricity costs around the country, your situation is not unusual. Even if you’re not able to pay that bill, there’s hope.

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Need help paying your Lakeview Light and Power bill? We found help!

Customers are encouraged to contact Lakeview Light and Power if they are struggling with their bill. Don’t wait until your service is shut-off because this will limit the help you may be able to receive!

As an energy company, Lakeview Light and Power wants to do everything they can to help their customers. This means they must make sure they are offering them the assistance they need if they are in a tight spot. With Project Roundup and Project Help Lakeview uses matched donations from their customers and residents to help those who are struggling to pay their bills.

The Sound Outreach organization helps those who are in need.  If you need help with your utility bill, you can use the Sound Outreach Utility Help. The program requires residents to live in Pierce County. Residents will need to bring their identification and electric bill.

Tacoma Salvation Army is able to provide energy assistance to those who are in need in Pierce County and surrounding areas. They have a short and simple application process after you contact them. The Salvation Army makes it simple to get utility bill assistance which helps residents who need to pay their power bill right away.

Love INC of Pierce County, also known as Bridges of Love NW, provides valuable services to those who are in need. After contacting them and completing an application, Pierce County residents can get energy assistance for their Lakeview Light and Power bill.

The Living Access Support Alliance has times where they are able to provide utility payment assistance to those in need. When the program is unable to help directly, they have resource lists with other agencies that may be able to help.

The Helping Hand House of Puyallup can help you pay your utility bill in surrounding areas. They do not always have availability and they usually run out of funds quickly.

The Access Point for Housing (AP4H) is Pierce County’s organization that brings many smaller organizations together. The cooperative works with churches, ministries, local and state programs to provide housing assistance including utility assistance to residents in Pierce County. It is a great starting point for people who need assistance and don’t know where to turn.

LIHEAP is a grant that is offered to low-income families around the country. The Washington state LIHEAP grant is available through the Department of Human Services. The grant is automatically applied to the power bill of the individual that has been approved for the program. LIHEAP in Washington is based on income guidelines and past energy use.


Pierce County provides a program unrelated to the LIHEAP offered by the state of Washington. The program is an energy assistance one that offers residents a break from their bills. The EAP from Pierce County is a payment program. After applicants are approved, Pierce County will pay directly to the utility company. The payments are based on the energy use by the residents. Pierce County also takes income and family size into consideration for energy assistance.

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If your bills are consistently too high, you may need to have your home weatherized. The Pierce County Weatherization program helps transform your home into one that is resistant to the weather around it. If your house is weatherized, you can save a great deal on your electric bills. The Pierce County Weatherization program can help you with upgrading your windows to energy efficient ones. Added insulation and new ducts are also available. In addition, the program will help residents with more energy efficient water pumps. The program will also be able to provide assistance for upgraded appliances and can even provide additional services to educate residents about how to save energy.

Avoid shutoff with this program.

Washington state has emergency assistance programs for those who are in immediate need of help. For approved applicants, the program will pay the minimum amount to keep the power on. Residents must apply to the program. The process is quick since it is used for emergency situations.


Whether your electric was shut off or you know you can’t pay your bill, there are resources to help you. As long as you have the documentation to prove your income, residency and power bill, you will be able to get assistance in Lakewood, WA.

To help you further reduce the costs of your electric bill, consider using these tried and true energy tips.

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