How to Save Money on Your Lewis County PUD Bill

(Last Updated On: December 31, 2018)

Lewis County PUD offers free audits, payment arrangements and so much more! From initial deposit waivers to free home improvements, we can show you how to get help with your current past-due balance and even save money on future bills!

New customers can waive their initial deposit.

New customers may have their initial service deposit waived. You can do this if you have a good credit history with Lewis County PUD or any other utility. Of course, this good payment history must have occurred within the last 12 months.

A home energy audit and weatherization services can save everyone money.

Everyone can receive a free home energy audit. During the audit, someone from the PUD will analyze your home. They will explain both how the home is losing energy and how you can fix it. This person will also inform you about any free weatherization services or rebates you may qualify for.

Low income households may be eligible for a free weatherization program. In order to qualify, residents must have a household income that doesn’t exceed 200% of the federal poverty standard and must have permanently installed electric heat.

Lewis County PUD offers rebates for weatherization, heat pump conversions and upgrades, EnergyStar appliances, hot water heaters, and qualifying new mobile homes.

If you can’t afford these improvements and you don’t qualify for assistance, you may be able to receive a loan of up to $7,500 for these upgrades. It is important to realize this program is not a grant and must be paid back. It is only available to qualifying customers who have a clean credit rating with the PUD and meet other requirements. A $200 loan origination fee is due at the time of approval.

Lewis County PUD offers helpful payment arrangements.

Of course, if you can’t afford your Lewis County PUD bill, it’s best to contact them immediately. Payment arrangements can be made before the account is past due. Please contact the Credit Department at (800) 562-5612 ext 407 to make payment arrangements.

Budget billing is available to customers who have had PUD service for at least 12 months. The budget billing period begins in April or May. The rate is recalculated every spring and fall.

Sensitive populations (such as those on life support) may be able to prevent service interruptions by contacting the Billing Supervisor at (800) 562-5612 ext 408. Ask about the Health Alert/Life Support list.

Need help making payments? There are several agencies that can help!

The PUD encourages customers who need financial assistance to contact the following organizations:

  • Project Share (360-736-1800)
  • Area Agency on Aging (360-748-2288)
  • DSHS (360-740-3800)
  • Lewis County Shelter (360-736-5140)
  • The Lewis County Veterans Organization (360-740-1224)
  • Lewis County Youth and Seniors (360-827-9101)
  • LOVE Inc. (360-748-8611)
  • Salvation Army (360-736-4339)

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