10 Low Income GIFS That Completely Capture the Life

(Last Updated On: April 18, 2018)

The low-income life isn’t always easy, but at least you’ve got company.We found some GIFs we think perfectly capture what it’s like livin’ la Vida low-income! Can you relate to these low income GIFs?

1. The face you make when your electric bill is too high to pay again

Despite using your lights only when you absolutely need them and only washing your clothes in the middle of the night for the whole month.

low income GIFs high bills

If you make this face often, be sure to check out this post that can help you save money on your power bill!

2. When someone tells you that money doesn’t buy happiness

But you know you would definitely be happier if you could afford food and toilet paper with your grocery budget.

low income GIFs spending


3. Going to a thrift store

And seeing they want $12 for a pair of jeans.

low income GIFs thrift store

4. How it feels when you can’t afford to go out with friends every Friday

Or any Friday.

low income GIFs Friday

5. That brand new used car feeling

After you saved up for 3 years to buy a 2001 Honda Accord.

low income GIFs new car

6. When you’re waiting for your SNAP benefits to go into your account

Because it’s 12:07 AM on the first of the month and you used your last three eggs two days ago.

low income GIFs waiting

7. Those free random YouTube exercises you do since you can’t afford the gym

At least you’re getting your fitness on?

low income GIFs exercise

8. When your direct deposit hits after you’ve been waiting since the last payday 

Even though you know it’s all going to groceries and utility payments.

low income GIFs payday

9. Visiting a discount grocery store

And marveling at how much you can buy with $20

low income GIFs groceries

10. When Low Income Relief teaches you about free things

And discounts. Lots of discounts.

low income GIFs discounts

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