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Low Income Tucson Residents Get Discounts!

Low Income Tucson Residents Get Discounts!

If you’re a low income Tucson resident, you can get discounts on programs, clubs, utilities and even admission to the Children’s Museum Tucson! If you’re a low income Tucson resident (and especially if you are a low income Tucson resident with kids), you won’t want to miss any of this information!


Low income Tucson residents can save money on City of Tucson Parks and Recreation programs!

If you’re a low income Tucson resident, apply for the city’s Discount Program! You can save 50% on things like Schoolzout, KIDCO, KIDCO Inclusion, In-Betweeners’ Club, Junior Staff in Training, Theraputic Recreation and Swim Lessons! You’ll also get a 25% discount on quarterly/annual Center passes, annual Swim passes and Senior Activity cards!

Your discount expires every 12 months, so you’ll need to reapply every year. Click here for more information, including income guidelines!


Low income Tucson residents can also save money on their utilities!

Low income Tucson residents can receive help with their water, sewer, wastewater, trash and recycling bills!

You can receive a $12 credit toward your monthly trash service’s Environmental Service charges. To qualify, you must meet income guidelines, have the utility bill in your name and currently pay the city’s ES fee. You’ll have to re-enroll in the Low Income Assistance Program every year. Here’s some more information about that. 


To be eligible for the Limited Income Assistance Program from Tucson water, you must meet certain household size and income guidelines. You must have the utilities in your name.

You may also qualify for free water audits, free toilet replacements and rainwater harvesting grants!

Free water audits check for leaks, flow rates and efficiency. You may receive new low-flow fixtures, faucet aerators and other water-saving devices! You’ll also receive customized advice about how to save money on your water bills!

Free toilet replacements are for older toilets (made in 1991 or older) that use 3.5 or more gallons per flush. To qualify, you must be a low to moderate income homeowner.

Rainwater harvesting grants and loans can help you capture, divert and store rainwater for plant irrigation. Grants of up to $400 are available – and loans of up to $1,500 may be available! Sonoran Environmental Research Inc. (SERI) also has a discounted rain barrel program you may qualify for.

Got EBT? Get discounts at Children’s Museum Tucson and more!


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