Tents, Tarps & Homelessness in Puyallup

(Last Updated On: June 1, 2018)

“It’s very hard to move forward when everything you own you have to drag behind you,” (Danielle) said.

Our friend Danielle Arnott was on the news this morning! As a homeless person in the Puyallup (Washington) area, Danielle knows firsthand just how hard it is to overcome homelessness in a city that is mostly inhospitable to its growing homeless population.

“If you have a home, maybe you don’t understand driving by a tent or a tarp that’s tied to a tree, but that’s a home.” Thompson said. “It’s not only a home for these people, but it’s a community.”

But there is concern that providing meals isn’t a solution to homelessness.

“Right now we’re just moving them around, and personally for myself I’m glad I can be part of this to feed them, see that they get a good meal, and other than that I have no answer for them,” said Wells.

In April, when this blog was just starting to become popular, I received a message from Danielle. This comment, which was posted publicly on our About page, simply requested a tent. I was amazed by it! Most of the messages I receive ask for money – and lots of it. Danielle simply requested a tent, since all of her belongings had been ruined by the rain.


I had never received a request quite like this before. Usually, I direct my readers to various agencies in their local area that can assist with needs like this. However, I wasn’t able to find anyone in the Puyallup area to provide a tent… but since Puyallup is so close to home, I did know someone.

I contacted the amazing Patti Ramos, who runs the Homeless Humans of Tacoma outreach program. She was able to locate someone who was able to deliver a tent to Danielle.  I absolutely love the community over at HHT!!!

Helping Danielle was the first time I saw a real, tangible result of running Low Income Relief. It was a great experience that made a lasting impression on me… and that’s why I immediately recognized her name when I was browsing the King5 News site this morning.

You can read the article by clicking here or just watch the video below:

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