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Reviews & Testimonials

Reviews & Testimonials

Low Income Relief has changed the lives of millions of people around the United States. From slashing utility bills to accessing government benefits, we’ve helped a lot of people save money and get free stuff.

I love reading messages from our readers about how our website has impacted their lives. It’s what motivates us to keep going and working on this project.

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Here are some reviews we’ve received on other platforms.

Here are some of my favorites, which have been received on social media and email:

I am so appreciative of this site, because it has helped me find great affordable options for my family. From how to access more affordable Amazon subscriptions, to how to better budget my families money, or make homemade cleaning products… LIR has always been in my corner!

Nicole P., Washington
woman who doesn't know how to replacement birth certificates online

Low Income Relief has helped me with my internet. I was paying over $120 a month for service and now just the Internet by itself is just $10 a month from AT&T. I’m glad I came cross this Facebook advertisement. It sure is helpful and beneficial. Thank you for taking time to do this.

Maci Y., California

Just this week our pump for our well burnt up leaving us with no running water. I turned to Low Income relief website to find information/ numbers/ and contact information on programs in my state that assist low income families with help for home repairs as we did not have the necessary funds to repair or replace the well pump. Thank you Low Income Relief for all your valuable information located in one easy to use website.

Velda N., Florida
free home repair grants

We are on the SNAP program and I would have never guessed having an EBT card meant that I could use it for discounts on anything other than food. We don’t drive, so paying for rides frequently just to go shopping was really making things uncomfortable. Upon reading your post about being eligible for Amazon Prime for only $6 a month, I immediately investigated! It has saved us in at least $40 a month in gas to just have things delivered to us and provides entertainment through Prime movies where we cannot afford cable.

Kaitlyn M., Virginia
single mom grateful for basic income in Washington State

We just had a great time at Orlando Science Center!!! I took my 2 boys, ages 7 and 18 years old, and I’m not sure WHO enjoyed themselves more. With Low Income Relief’s list of free and cheap activities with an EBT card, we were able to get in for $3 a piece!!!

We also found out that we can get the ANNUAL pass for $25.That’s for the entire family! I just have to bring my letter stating I actually qualify!!! What an awesome deal!!!

Thank you Low Income Relief for the recommendation!!! I can’t wait to try others this summer!!!

Star F., Florida
Mother and her three daughters pose for a family picture.

Low Income Relief has helped my family and I in more ways than one. I have learned so much from Low Income Relief about all the benefits of having a EBT card, such as free or reduced state park and museum passes, reduced transportation fees, free government phone with minutes, and many more benefits.

One of my favorite benefits of having a EBT card is that I can buy fresh produce and seeds, and with just a few cents and some hard work and patience, I now have a beautiful garden that consist of grapes, tomatoes, corn, squash, cucumber, pears and a lot of other fresh fruits and vegetables. My garden supplies more than enough for for my family and I, so with all the extra food I grew I donate it to other families in need.

Coral B., Maryland
prep veggies for cheap healthy meals

I have benefited and several ways from the Low Income Relief website and YouTube channel. One of the major ways was getting the proper amount of SNAP/food stamp benefits. I learned that I could claim my emotional support animal as a medical deduction. Although DHR wanted to deny that my pets’ food and medical bills where did deductible, because of the information that I got from Low Income Relief I was able to go above her head and get those deductions! This and other medical deductions I learned I was eligible for doubled my benefits!! I was ecstatic!

Brandi A., Alabama
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I just wanted to thank you so much for the money saving family fun tips that you have! I was able to take my 4 children to the Akron Children’s museum for a day filled with fun and learning for only $10…..$10 for a family of 5 to do something fun all day!!! I couldn’t believe it!! I’m also getting ready to take them to the Akron Zoo, another cheap fun family day, because you all gave me the info!!! Thank you so very much for all the info your Facebook page and email provide!!

Rhianon B., Ohio
thelin la brea

Low Income Relief has allowed me to take my family to the Nature & Science Museum (Denver, CO) for $1 each ticket. This is my daughters favorite place to spend the day. We have also gone to the Denver Zoo as well.

Diana M., Denver
help for autistic boy and family

Your page has shown me things I never knew about! I never knew with an EBT card you could get free entry to museums! My family was able to visit the children’s museum and I never would have before because it was always so expensive. Also the discount on Amazon Prime is great! Thank you for all the great info! 

Krysta S.
woman who doesn't know how to replacement birth certificates online

In Arizona it’s super hot and we can only go to the zoo a few months out of the year! Our zoo is very expensive per person so when we found the low income relief website we were thrilled for the ticket price of $3!! Now we can enjoy the animals & birds and get our exercise in a fun, family way! 

Tricia I., Arizona

I can’t even begin to say how LIR has helped me. I found out I can take my grandsons to museums for a few dollars with my EBT card. I got an app for my EBT balance so I do t have to call all the time. There is so much more! Nicole works hard to help us out.  Not just young adults or young families, but us Seniors as well. Everyone thinks Seniors get all kinds of help, but we don’t. We NEED all kinds of help. 

Joy W.
woman wonders how to make money on gofundme

Hello! I have been a fan of yours for over a year! You have helped answer questions for me on taxes, food stamps and self sufficiency. I think your site helps a variety of people. Thanks!

Cynthia M., Vermont
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We do get SNAP benefits but we had no idea that you could  be eligible for Amazon Prime for just 5.99 a month! This has opened up so much entertainment for me my girls. Thank you for all the great info. I also am currently looking into property tax program

Bonnie W., Oregon

The tips I have picked up from Low Income Relief have helped me save money. I’ve paid off my credit cards and now only have one secured card for emergencies. Thanks for the great information!

Barbara W., Florida
woman wonders what happens when cps is called

Your website has helped us to keep our three kids not only well fed, but safe and entertained. We have visited museums, and grown gardens thanks to the information we were able to find on your website! 

Mary G., Illinois
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Low Income Relief has helped my husband and I manage the retiree life and still be able to go out and enjoy the greater Seattle area.  We appreciate those tips and suggestions very much!

Yuling X., Washington

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