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Save Money on Your Dayton Power and Light Bill!

Save Money on Your Dayton Power and Light Bill!

Are you a Dayton Power and Light customer? If so, I bet you’ve wondered how to save money on your monthly bill. Tiffany did – and when she asked me, I got right to work investigating ways she could save money on her monthly DPL bill.


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Take advantage of these helpful payment options!

Budget billing is a great program that helps even out those seasonally high and low bills. Dayton Power and Light can average your annual usage and charge you the same amount every month. You’ll pay a little more in spring but you’ll pay less in winter!

The Percentage of Income Payment Plan Plus (PIPP Plus) program helps low income Ohioans avoid disconnection with a modified payment plan. When you participate in the PIPP Plus program, your monthly payments are equal to 6-10% of your household’s gross income.


It doesn’t matter what the actual charges are – you’ll only pay this percentage each month. As long as you make your payments on time, you’ll receive a credit toward your outstanding balance equal to 1/24 of the arrearage plus the accruing interest.

The Graduate PIPP Plus program is for those who were previously enrolled in PIPP Plus but now earn too much to stay on that program. This program helps you reduce your outstanding debt that accrued during your PIPP Plus participation.


PIPP charges for

If you’re just setting up your account, you can waive the deposit with a letter of credit from your previous utility! Contact your previous provider and ask for a letter on company letterhead that includes the account’s open and close dates, number of late payments  and disconnections within the last year. If there weren’t any, make sure they spell ‘zero’ instead of writing the number 0.

Get help with your Dayton Power and Light bill!

There are many programs available to help you with your Dayton Power and Light bills. Some of these programs are government funded, while others are funded by donations to local organizations.

The Summer Crisis Program is available for households with at least one senior (age 60+) or someone who can get a physician to certify their medical need. The SCP can be used once per year to pay your utility bill and/or purchase fans or air conditioners.

The Winter Home Energy Assistance Program provides funding based on the size of your household, total household income and type of fuel required.

The Winter Crisis Program can provide enough funds to keep your utilities connected for up to 30 days. Funds can also be used to repair a heating system, if necessary. If you are unable to pay your energy bills or have less than a 10-day supply of heating fuel, you may be eligible for this program. This program can only by those who are disconnected or have a pending disconnection notice, need to establish or transfer service, or have 25% or less of bulk fuel supply.

You may also qualify for DPL’s Smart Energy Community Program! When you participate in this program, a helpful energy auditor will visit your home and help you identify where you are using the most energy. You’ll receive customized money-saving tips and even products like LED light bulbs, refrigerators, shower heads, faucet aerators, insulation or smart thermostats!

The Home Weatherization Assistance Program (HWAP) can assist in reducing your future bills. This program promotes energy efficiency by providing FREE weatherization home improvements. They’ll install insulation, weather stripping, energy-efficient lighting and so much more!


If a member of your household has a serious medical condition, you can get special assistance from DPL. You’ll need to have the condition and/or the need for medical equipment verified in writing by a licensed physician, physician assistant, clinical nurse specialist, certified nurse practitioner, certified nurse-midwife or local Board of Health physician. Once DPL receives the documentation, they can defer your payments for up to 90 days! This deferment can only be used once per year.

If you have a disconnection notice or have already been disconnected, you can apply for the Gift of Power program for help! This program is administered by the Salvation Army and funded by donations from other DPL customers (and contributions from Dayton Power and Light itself).

Don’t forget these other helpful DPL programs!

Dayton Power and Light offers better-than-free appliance recycling! Not only will they pick up your old, working refrigerators and freezers, they’ll also pay you $50 for each of them! If you have a room air conditioner or dehumidifier, they’ll pay you an additional $20 for each of those!

Having trouble reading your bill? DPL can print you an enlarged bill with large print text or a braille bill instead!

If you can afford to make some upgrades, Dayton Power and Light also offers rebates for heating and cooling systems, smart thermostats, insulation, air sealing and more.

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