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Save Money on Your Minnesota XCel Energy Bill!

Save Money on Your Minnesota XCel Energy Bill!

If you’re a Xcel Energy customer on Minnesota, you can save even more money on your Xcel Energy bill! We’re helping Xcel Energy customers across the US save money on their bills but we found special perks just for Minnesota customers.

Don’t forget these XCel Energy perks that are available to ALL customers!

XCel Energy has programs that are available to customers in all states. Make sure you don’t miss out on these helpful programs!

Xcel Energy has special programs for Minnesota residents.

Minnesota’s Energy Assistance Program can help you pay for your electric bill. Low-income families and individuals may qualify for the program. The benefit is applied directly to your bill to cut down the cost of heating. The credit may not pay for your entire bill, but if you take advantage of other discounts and options, you can drastically reduce your bill.

If you have back up heating, you may qualify for the backup relief program. The program can help you lower your bill by reducing your rate. You must commit to using the backup heating program to qualify for the lower rates.

The multifamily energy savings program can help you with appliances, weatherization and rates on your bill. It is only for homes that are multi-family and low income. If you live in an apartment building, you may want to talk to your neighbors about coming together to improve your electric bills through the program. You may qualify for sweet upgrades to your apartment.

Saving money during peak hours helps you and helps reduce strain on the grid. Xcel Energy rewards those who use energy during non-peak hours by providing them with a rate that is 50% of the rate they would normally have if they were using the energy during peak hours. You can apply for the program or simply start using more energy during non-peak hours.

The Weatherization Assistance Program may help you make upgrades to your home for free. It mainly focuses on helping you with insulation in your home, but it may be able to help in other areas. Some people might qualify for an upgraded heating system that is more effective and saves energy.

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