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Save Money on Your New Hampshire Eversource Bill!

Save Money on Your New Hampshire Eversource Bill!

New Hampshire Eversource customers can take advantage of special low rates and helpful state laws that can help you pay your bill and avoid shut-off!

Don’t Forget These Helpful Eversource Programs!

Some Eversource programs and payment arrangements are available to customers in all states. Don’t forget to check out these helpful payment options!

Need Help Paying Your New Hampshire Eversource Bill? We Found Help!

New Hampshire’s LIHEAP helps you pay your energy bill if you are a low-income individual. The program is intended for use during the winter months. You can use it to pay for a portion of your bill. You must apply for the benefit through your local assistance office or community action office.

Eversource provides a discounted rate for people who are low-income. If you qualify for LIHEAP, you will automatically qualify for the discount. You may also qualify for the discount if you receive any form of assistance including medical assistance or SNAP benefits.

Avoid Shut Off with These Resources

The Neighbor Helping Neighbor fund may be able to help you with a one-time bill payment voucher. You must apply through a community action office to get the voucher. You’ll be required to show your bill, your shut-off notice or proof of a past due amount. You may also be required to bring proof of income and your ID.

If you receive a shut-off notice in the winter, be sure to check to see when the shut-off notice is for. New Hampshire has specific laws in place that prohibit shut off from November to March. You may be able to get an extension on your shut off of up to 60 days if it is during those months. Additionally, if you have certification that you need electric for medical reasons, you may be able to avoid having your electric disconnected.

Save Even More with These Resources

The Eversource savings plan can help you manage your energy costs. The savings plan allows you to look at your energy usage and break down what you use the most energy on each month. Based on what you are using your energy on, Eversource can help you determine where to cut costs to save the most money on your bill.

People who currently live in a home and people who are building a home serviced by Eversource may be able to get energy assistance. There are various programs offered by the company that will help you save money. If you are struggling to pay your bills or you qualify for other types of assistance, you can get help from Eversource in rebates and reduced rates.

Upgrade Your Home and Save Money on Energy

You may qualify for the New Hampshire weatherization assistance program. The program helps low-income individuals make valuable upgrades to their homes. You can use the program if your home is not energy efficient or if you have poor insulation. The program may pay for added insulation and measures that will help your home stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

You may qualify for up to $100 off of appliances through Eversource. The company offers rebates for energy efficient appliances. Look online to learn which appliances will qualify for an Eversource rebate.

The company also offers rebates on light bulbs. If you are purchasing LED light bulbs for your home to save energy, check Eversource to find out what type of bulbs you can get a rebate on. You may be able to get them for free after the rebate.

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