How to Save Money on Your Okanogan PUD Bill!

(Last Updated On: January 1, 2019)

We all know that energy bills can eat up a large part of your budget. Thankfully, Okanogan PUD (Public Utility District) offers a variety of options and programs that can help you save money and keep your energy costs low.

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Maintain Your Budget Through Simplified Billing 

One of the best programs from Okanogan PUD relates to your monthly bill itself. Okanogan PUD offers Budget Billing which limits the large spikes and drops in your bill as seasons change. This option doesn’t technically save you any money, but it will make it much easier for you to stick to your budget if your energy bill is the same amount each month.

Budget Billing averages your bills for the past 12 months starting in May of each year. You’ll then be billed that average amount each month instead of your actual usage. That means you’ll pay a little more in months you don’t use as much energy but less in the months when bills are normally higher. The end result is the same but it makes managing month to month so much simpler!

Get an Energy Audit and start saving money today!

Okanogan PUD also offers energy audits at no charge. Their trained professionals will audit your home and identify areas that are not energy efficient.

Need to make some improvements? The PUD can help you with a low-interest loan – with no credit check!

Want to update your home to qualify for rebates and lower your bills? Concerned you don’t have the cash to make an upgrade immediately? You’ll be excited to know that Okanogan PUD offers low interest conservation loans to its customers for nearly any upgrade that will make a home more energy efficient. These loans are for customers who have been with Okanogan PUD for at least 12 months and can cover up to $10,000 in renovations. A credit check isn’t required for loans under $4,000.

Another great way to save is by lowering your bill by eliminating waste and taking advantage of rebates. Our appliances become more efficient as technology advances which can lead to lower electric bills. Okanogan PUD offers substantial rebates on everything from additional insulation to buying a new manufactured home that is NEEM certified. These rebate options not only put cash back in your pocket but also lower your bills going forward.

Need help paying your Okanogan PUD bill? 

Qualified Okanogan PUD customers are able to receive direct assistance towards their energy bill through two separate programs designed for low income residents.

It’s possible you may qualify for federal assistance through a program known as the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). LIHEAP was established in 1981 to directly meet the energy needs of low income Americans. The federal government provides the funding but leaves it up to the states to actually distributing those funds. In Okanogan County LIHEAP is administered by the Okanogan County Community Action Council.

Okanogan PUD also operates its own program designed to help low-income customers. Project Help is funded through donations from Okanogan PUD customers and is intended to help those in emergency situations. Project Help is only available to those who don’t qualify for LIHEAP funding and make less than 80% of the Area Median Income.

Get $100 for fixing hazardous trees on your property!

Tree branches and power lines don’t mix, which is why Okanogan PUD is constantly trimming back hazard trees away from their lines. If you happen to have a hazard tree on your property you can contact Okanogan PUD to trim it back or even remove it for free. What’s more, if you agree to a tree removal at Okanogan PUD’s request you may qualify to receive up to $100 from Okanogan PUD’s Tree Replacement Program.

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