Save money on your Oregon power bill!

(Last Updated On: November 4, 2018)

Stop spending so much on your Oregon power bill! The electric bill can be a budget-buster when you’re surviving on a low income. Fortunately, your power company can usually help. There are several unknown or little-advertised programs that power companies may offer that can help lower the cost of your power bill.

Most power companies offer a budget billing plan, which averages the annual cost of electricity in a home and bills the customer in 12 even installments. This can help low-income customers maintain a budget and avert payment problems, especially during the more expensive winter months.

Just click the link below to find out what discounts, rebates and other money-saving programs are offered by YOUR local utility company!

Avista Utilities

Are your Avista Utilities bills killing your budget? We found help! You could get help from Avista CARES or any number of community action agencies. You might also be able to get help lowering your bills so you can save money through energy efficiency. To see everything we’ve found for Avista Utilities, check here.

EWEB (Eugene Water and Electric Board)

If you’re an EWEB customer, you might be able to get help with your bill. The electric company offers assistance programs, budget billing and rebates to make your home more energy efficient. You might also be able to get help with your bill through community resources. To learn more, click here.

Midstate Electric

If the Midstate Electric bill is a budget buster every month, you might not have to struggle anymore! We found ways you could get help paying your bill through Power Pay and Budget Billing. You might also be able to get free energy audits and rebates for things in your home. Check this article out to learn more about Midstate Electric.

Pacific Power

Are you having trouble with your Pacific Power bill? There are options available for customers! You might be able to get help upgrading your home to make it more energy efficient. You might also be able to save money on your bills by using their budget billing program. Go here to see everything we’ve found out about Pacific Power!

 Portland General Electric

Stop letting your Portland General Electric bill get out of hand. We found ways you can pay your bill, lower your energy usage and save money on your rates. There are so many options that we found that might help you like their rebates, rate plans and budget billing. To learn about it all, go here.

Salem Electric

Are your Salem Electric bills making you lose money each month? Stop them! Salem Electric offers programs for their customers that might make it easier to pay the bills. We also found state and community resources that might be able to help you. Check it all out here.

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Didn’t see your power company listed?

Leave me a note in the comments below and I’ll research what benefits your utility company offers!


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