Need Help with Your Seattle City Light Bill?

(Last Updated On: January 4, 2019)

With prices continuously rising in Seattle, it can be hard to pay for necessities like your Seattle City Light bill. If you’re overwhelmed with a big bill or wondering where you’re going to get money from, you could get help. We found resources to help you pay your bill!

Get help paying your Seattle City Light bill!

LIHEAP could provide you with helpful payments on your Seattle City Light bill. Once you apply for the program through the community action agency and are approved, you’ll receive benefits that are applied directly to your Seattle City light account. The payments could be as little as a few dollars per bill or as much as $200 for families who qualify.

If your electric is going to be shut-off, you have no way to pay your bill and your family could be in trouble without electric, you may qualify for Seattle’s emergency assistance program. With the EAP, you can have up to 50% of your bill forgiven or enough of it forgiven to remove the shut-off notice. You’ll still be responsible for any remaining amount on the bill. Additionally, you can only use EAP once per the calendar year and you must meet other eligibility requirements.

Project Share could help you pay your utility bill in Seattle. The program is only available when funding is available and it’s based on donations from other customers. You must apply for Project Share through Seattle City Light.

Find more help with Seattle City Light.

If you’re low-income, you might be able to lower your utility bill by as much as 60%. Seattle City Light customers who qualify can save 60% on the electric portion of their bill and 50% on other utilities that are connected with the bill. You must apply for the program through Seattle City Light.

Those with a medical condition or who rely on life support in their home might be protected from outages and other issues. If you are on life support or someone in your home is, you can sign up for the life support program. With the program, you will receive advanced notification of planned outages. You’ll also receive priority when there is an outage to have your power restored. The program may also offer you resources to help avoid shut off if you’re unable to pay your bill.

Seattle City Light offers an energy case study option for customers. With the case study, you can learn about your energy and where you’re using the most. The case study can help you determine where you can spend less energy at and can save more money.

Seattle City Light offers helpful payment options.

Having trouble paying that bill right now? Seattle City Light’s pay plans could help you get a little longer to pay your bill. With the plan, you can extend your due date or even make arrangements that could give you more time to pay the bill. You must meet certain requirements, have an account that was in good standing until that point and not be on any type of payment plan already. You must apply through Seattle City Light.

Average payment plans could help you save money on your bill when the weather is out of the ordinary. The plan helps avoid big surges or changes in your bill. With the average payment plan, you’ll pay close to the same amount from month to month. At the end of the period, you could have to pay extra to make up for anything you used that was above the average.

Lower your bill by upgrading your home…for free!

Seattle’s Homewise weatherization program could help you save money on your electric bill. You can use the program in combination with state programs and it could help you upgrade things like your insulation, heating source and other things.

The Washington state weatherization program could also help you. They generally offer things that are different from Seattle and they could provide you with options like lighting and even appliances. You must apply for the program through your community action agency.

If you don’t qualify for weatherization or you weren’t able to get LED bulbs through the program, you could get them through Seattle City Light’s lighting rebate program. You could pay as little as just a few cents for the LED bulbs in your home. The bulbs are more efficient and are actually safer to use in your home!

Most Seattle City Light customers have advanced meters now! You can sign up for the advanced metering program to learn more about your energy usage. After you sign up for the program, you can start making small tweaks to save money on your bill. You can also learn where you’re wasting the most energy and figure out how to fix it!

Save more money on your bill!

We found simple ways to lower your electric bill! Follow our tips to help lower your energy usage and save money.

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