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Home ownership can be expensive. Although mortgages are typically less than the cost of rent, the other costs can add up quickly. Maintenance and repair have to be performed by you now that you don’t have a landlord. That can quickly become overwhelming.

What home ownership help is available?

There are many programs across the United States. Some will help you refinance or avoid foreclosure. Some will provide free home repair grants. Some areas even have programs that reduce the principal you owe on your mortgage!

Of course, the specific type of home ownership programs available to you will vary depending on where you live. We’ve written a state-by-state list of home repair and other helpful programs across the US!

In addition, we’re always looking for new nationwide homeownership programs. If you know of anything we’ve missed or you’re looking for information you can’t find on the site, please let me know. Just leave a comment anywhere on the site and I’ll follow-up with it as soon as I can.

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