Thanks, Target! Min Wage is $11, will be $15!

(Last Updated On: October 9, 2018)

Target announced yesterday that they will be raising their minimum wage to $11 effective next month. This rate will apply to their current employees AND their 100,000 new seasonal hires!

This is higher than the minimum wage in 48 states – and equal to the minimum wage in the two highest paying states, Massachusetts and Washington. The federal minimum wage is just $7.25.

But that’s not all! Target has pledged that their minimum wage will reach $15 per hour by 2020!

Over 100,000 people will be hired to help Target through the holiday season. Hiring events will take place October 13-15 at all 1,800 Target locations. Apply online today! 

If you are a current or prospective Target employee, click here to find out how this increase might hurt you if you currently receive any public assistance (such as food stamps, Medicaid or WIC)!