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Will I Get a Child Support Stimulus Check?

Will I Get a Child Support Stimulus Check?

Some people did not receive a child support stimulus check because they owed past due child support. Will the other parent receive the check? If so, what more information can we learn about that? 

We understand that many people have been greatly impacted by the recent events surrounding the COVID 19 pandemic, whether financially, medically, emotionally or otherwise. We are here to help you find the answers you need regarding receiving your stimulus payment. 

If you are seeking information about how past due child support may impact your economic impact payment, we have answered some of the most important questions you may be looking for. 

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What is the Treasury Offset Program and how does it impact my child support stimulus check?

The Treasury Offset Program (TOP) is a program that is directed by the Financial Management Service which is a branch of the United States Treasury Department. TOP allows the government to seek repayment from taxpayers regarding debt indefinitely, or until it is collected in full. Learn more about how this program can impact you on the Bureau of the Fiscal Service webpage.

Visit the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) webpage Economic Impact Payment (EIP) Information Center  to learn more about eligibility, payment issues, and other general information. You can also contact the Treasury Offset Program Call Center regarding any questions or concerns.

If I owe past due child support, will my child support stimulus check be reduced or offset?

Your EIP may be impacted by an offset, which generally means that there will be a reduction in the amount due to be paid out by the amount owed. The Bureau of the Fiscal Service will notify families and individuals as necessary if an offset does occur. 

However, there is an exception. If you are married, filed your taxes jointly and filed an injured spouse claim with the 2019 tax return, half of the total payment will be sent to each spouse with your spouse’s payment being offset only for past due child support. There are no other exceptions.

If past due child support be taken from the EIP child support stimulus check, can other taxes or debt be taken from these funds as well?

The CARES Act limits offsets of EIP to past due child support and no other Federal or state debts that normally offset your tax refunds will reduce the EIP.

More information regarding receiving your payment and how it may be impacted can be found on the IRS webpage. Updates have been made as recently as May 2020.

How much of my EIP child support stimulus check can be taken for repayment towards past due child support?

Up to the amount of your past due child support debt, which may be the entirety of the expected payment due.

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Monday 7th of September 2020

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