Win $500 in FREE Pizza (or one of 37,000 other prizes)!

FREE PIZZA! It doesn’t get better than that. Everybody loves pizza, right?!


I especially love Dominos pizza. My all-time favorite order is a large Brooklyn-style double pepperoni, double pineapple pizza with ham and olives (but only on half because the hubby hates olives). And those Parmesan breadstick bites. Oh, those are fantastic. Mmm. Now I’m hungry.

Anyway, I received an email from Dominos today announcing a new promotion… and the winner receives a year’s supply of pizza. Well, not really. They receive five $100 gift cards for pizza. That’s hardly a year supply, especially when you have to share that pizza among a family of seven. But $500 in free pizza is still a really great deal!

It works like this: Sometime before June 2nd, Dominos is going to open up the promotion and the fastest person to respond wins the prize. The second fastest person wins one $100 gift card and the third fastest wins $50. The next 2,000 people will receive $10. The next 15,000 will receive $5. The next 20,000 will receive $4. Obviously, the faster you are the more you’ll get – but even $4 is enough to get some of those bread bites!

The $500, $100 and $50 awards do not expire.
All other prizes must be redeemed by June 2nd.

To help you respond faster, you can sign up for a text message or email warning when the promotion goes live. You can earn a “heads up” by following Dominos on Instagram and signing up for promotions. These precious extra minutes will help you be prepared to respond faster when the promotion goes live. That valuable warning time can make all the difference!

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