Are you skilled at writing and online research? We need your help!

Every month, Low Income Relief serves approximately 125,000 low income Americans with information about benefits, programs and resources in their local communities. We write about everything from food stamps to library card perks!

Until recently, Low Income Relief was a one-man (well, one-woman) show. I designed the website, wrote the content, interacted with our readers and handled everything myself. That quickly became unsustainable as our readership continued to grow!

Now, I’m establishing a dedicated team of quality contributors to assist with content production. We have about 5-6 contributors who are continually making a difference in our reader’s lives. Chloe helps our readers find ways to save money with their power companies. Travis investigates library perks. Shay connects low income children with Christmas resources in their communities. Our team is talented and skilled at what they do.

I am so excited to see this website grow. Writing for Low Income Relief has been the most fulfilling work I’ve ever done. It is so thrilling to know that every piece we publish is literally changing lives!

We are looking for a very specific type of writer.

The type of writing we do here at Low Income Relief requires a very specific skill-set. Ideally, we’re looking for people who love research and essay writing.

You need to be an excellent writer. I do not have much time for editing, so I need to be able to trust that your submissions will have perfect spelling, correct grammar, clear sentence structure, etc. If you cannot produce publish-ready content, I cannot accept your assistance at this time.

You need to have superior internet research skills. Every single post we publish requires a significant amount of research. It’s the research that helps us find the programs to help our audience. You need to be able to identify trustworthy sources of information and distill the information into a quick, easy-to-read summary for our readers.

Prior publication is not required. I am willing to train anyone who can write and research well. There is absolutely no experience required. In fact, my ideal writers are recent high school graduates who loved writing essays… because what we do here is a lot more like essay writing than web content writing!

There is a limitless amount of work available.

Our reader request list is almost always hundreds of articles long… and I have a completely separate file of articles that I want to publish also. There is essentially a limitless amount of work available for our writers.

The exact amount of compensation depends on your experience and level of writing ability. The more editing your work requires, the less I will pay for it. The first dozen or so articles that you will submit will be heavily edited and you will get a lot of feedback. This will help you adapt to our specific style. Once I don’t have to spend so much time going over your work, your compensation will increase.

Our writers see a steady increase in their compensation as their writing ability improves. Some of them have already doubled their rate! There are also opportunities for growth, as we expect to promote our best writers to editors as our team grows.

Our writers are paid on the 24th of each month (or the 23rd, if the 24th is a Sunday). We pay via PayPal. Our current starting rate is 3 cents per word.

Read this before you apply.

As of May 1, 2018, I am the lead researcher, lead writer, sole editor, social media manager, marketing director, the web designer, the business manager and essentially the Doer of All Things here at Low Income Relief. I am also a homeschool mom, a housekeeper and a wife. I am always busy. 

I spend as much time as possible developing this website but my time isn’t limitless. In order to keep going, I have to prioritize how I spend my time… and unfortunately, that means that I do not have time to personally respond to every email inquiry we receive. 

At this time, I will not even respond to email inquiries that are not well-written. I have received literally hundreds of emails that include major spelling errors (using z instead of s, u instead of you, etc). Some lack any punctuation or formatting at all. Others contain sentences that are difficult to understand. As much as I would love to personally and compassionately respond to each and every inquiry we receive, it simply isn’t possible at this time.

Please remember that when you are applying for a freelance writing gig like this, your email inquiry is your application. That first impression is vitally important. Use complete sentences, proper spelling and punctuation when you send your first email. Be professional. You are applying for a writing job, so your writing will be scrutinized and evaluated. 

Ready? Here’s how you apply.

Send an email inquiry to this address and explain why you’re interested in becoming a Low Income Relief writer. Please include a brief explanation of your writing/research experience and your remuneration requirements.

I always look most fondly on emails that demonstrate a clear understanding of what our website does and who our audience is. If you have a special connection or understanding of the low income community, please include that in your email.

I look forward to working with you!