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Get 24/7 Doctor Access + Discounts from New Benefits

Get 24/7 Doctor Access + Discounts from New Benefits

New Benefits is an affordable service that I use for my family. It’s a low-cost health subscription program. Instead of offering you in-office visits, New Benefits provides 24/7 access to online providers through Teladoc.

This company sponsors Low Income Relief. Even if they didn’t, I would still use and recommend this service. I have used it for years and I intended to keep my subscription for the rest of my life because it has made my life significantly better.

Why I Love This Service

I have used it myself often. Since I have an autoimmune disorder, I get sick a lot and I don’t always feel up to going to the doctor. In fact, when I’m feeling bad, I don’t want to go anywhere!

I’ve been very impressed with the service I get from New Benefits. It usually takes me less than five minutes to connect with an online provider. The appointments are very short, usually only about three minutes, and the provider always sends any necessary prescriptions to my local pharmacy right after the call. Last time I called, I had an antibiotic in my hand within the hour. I sent my husband to pick it up for me and I didn’t even have to leave home. It was easily the best medical experience I have ever had in my life. 

It also helps with medical coverage for my husband and kids! My husband’s only health insurance is provided through the VA, which is time-consuming and convenient. With New Benefits, he can access urgent care coverage from his phone without having to wait for approval from the VA or drive over an hour to the nearest VA medical center. It’s way more convenient.

Special Discounts for Low Income Relief

For one flat rate, New Benefits will offer this coverage to every member of your household – you, your spouse and your dependents. In addition to access to Teladoc, the subscription also includes prescription discounts, access to health advocates, and additional services.

I’ve had the honor of working with this company as they designed a series of custom packages exclusively for Low Income Relief and the people we serve. They’ve set an affordable monthly rate and included some amazing options, including options that will help you get mental health coverage.

Some of these custom plans include:

  • Health Package: This package offers a comprehensive healthcare experience with access to doctors, nurses, medical bill negotiation, second opinions, a wellness portal, concierge service, and discounted fitness center rates. It’s designed to support all your health and wellness needs. Not Available in WA.
  • Mental Health Package: Access licensed counselors and therapists 24/7 for support with anxiety, stress, grief, depression, and more. This package offers the resources for comprehensive mental health support whenever you need it. Not Available in UT, VT, WA.
  • Dental/Vision/Alternative Medicine Package: Enjoy access to discounts on dental services through Aetna Dental Access, reduced rates for vision care including eyeglasses and contacts, and savings on alternative medicine like acupuncture and yoga. This package covers your dental, vision, and holistic health needs at a discount. Details and restrictions may apply.
  • Pet Care Package: Reduce the cost of pet care with access to pet telehealth, discounted vet services, pet meds, and vitamins, along with savings at online pet stores and discounts on entertainment and dining. This package is aimed at making pet care and personal leisure more affordable. Not Available in VT, UT, WA.

It’s important to realize that this program is NOT insurance, does not replace insurance, and does not meet the minimum creditable coverage requirements under the Affordable Care Act. However, it does offer discounts at contracted health care providers. You can read the full list of disclosures on their website.

How to Get Started

If you’d like to try this service for yourself, it’s easy to get started. Just visit the Low Income Relief page on their website and select the plan that looks best for you. You can click “view details” to learn more about that coverage and then “add to cart” to complete your purchase. Enjoy!