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Did You Know Your EBT Card Can Do This? | EBT Discounts 2024

Did You Know Your EBT Card Can Do This? | EBT Discounts 2024

Got EBT? We’ve found over 1,000 incredible EBT discounts! You can get FREE museum admission, cheap Amazon memberships and even discounts at certain retailers! That’s right – your food stamps benefits can do so much more than just buy groceries!


In this database, we’ve found many nationwide and local EBT discounts. This article contains all of the nationwide ones and you can select your state from the alphabetical list below to find the local ones in your area. Trust me – if you have an EBT card, you don’t want to miss any of this!

Remember to bookmark this page for easy reference! We frequently update this list with the latest EBT discounts as soon as we discover them.

This list began in 2015 after I found a discount at the Washington State History Museum. Since then, more and more companies have started offering EBT discounts. I’ve personally added each one to this list over the years. What started as a modest compilation of just five discounts has now expanded to an extensive list of over 1,000 in less than a decade!

EBT Discounts for Shopping

There are several shopping apps that will provide you with an EBT discount if you use their service. These include subscription services like Amazon and Walmart!


Amazon EBT Discount

Amazon Access provides all of the benefits of Amazon Prime for about 50% off! This discount is exclusively available to people who rely on SNAP, Medicaid or other forms of government assistance.

If you qualify, you can get Amazon Prime for just $6.99 per month instead of the usual $14.99. That’s half the price! Many low income families have found that it’s worth it just for the discounted streaming service alone.

HOW TO GET IT: Just visit the Amazon Access page and click the yellow button to start your free 30-day trial. You’ll need to have your EBT card with you so that you can enter the EBT number and upload a picture of the card.

Instacart+ EBT Discount

Instacart provides a discounted Instacart+ membership to shoppers who have purchased an order with EBT within the last six months. You must redeem the offer on the Instacart platform inside the United States.

If you qualify, you can get Instacart+ for just $4.99 per month for up to 12 months. After one year, your membership will renew at the regular price.

HOW TO GET IT: Sign into Instacart. Click the menu in the upper left corner and select Try Instacart+ from the list. There should be an exclusive EBT SNAP offer listed there if you qualify.

Free Thrive Market Membership

Thrive Market is the first all-online retailer to accept EBT benefits nationwide. However, shoppers are required to have a membership in order to log into the website and see prices.


If you receive EBT benefits, you can get a free Thrive Market membership through the Thrive Gives program. This discount is also available to first responders, teachers, nurses, students, and veterans. The free membership lasts for one year.

HOW TO GET IT: Visit the Thrive Gives website and click the big “Apply Now” button to start your application.

Walmart+ EBT Discount

Walmart also has an EBT discount for users who want to sign up for Walmart+. This program is called Walmart+ Assist. Just like Amazon Access, it provides a 50% discount for users who get benefits from government programs.

If you qualify, you can get Walmart+ Assist for just $6.47 per month. The benefits of this program include free delivery from your local store, free shipping with no order minimum, savings on fuel, video streaming from Paramount+ and more.

HOW TO GET IT: Just visit the Walmart+ Assist page and click the blue button to start your free 30-day trial. You’ll need to have your EBT card on hand to provide proof of your eligibility.

EBT Discounts on Bills

If you receive SNAP, TANF or other EBT benefits, then you may be eligible for discounts on essential services like phones and internet plans. These discounts really add up and they can help you save a lot of money on your monthly bills!


Phone Discounts

If you have EBT benefits, you may be able to get a free smartphone and free monthly service from providers like Safelink and TruConnect! These plans are offered through the Lifeline program, which provides discounted phone service to low income Americans who qualify.

Don’t like those options? No problem! There are actually over a dozen providers that you can choose from. Some of them are well-known nationwide names and some are smaller local companies.

HOW TO GET IT: Visit our list of companies that offer free cell service through Lifeline to choose your provider. You’ll need to contact your chosen provider directly to establish service.

Internet Discounts

Many different Internet Service Providers (ISPs) also offer free or discounted internet service for low income Americans. These include well-known plans like Comcast Internet Essentials, AT&T Access and more. These plans are typically less than $25 per month, which is a huge savings compared to normal internet bills.

Even better, you can apply for the Affordable Connectivity Program to completely erase your internet bill! The ACP is a temporary program that provides a $30 per month credit on your internet bill. If your bill costs less than $30, then you can get that service completely free!

HOW TO GET IT: Choose your favorite discount internet provider. Follow their instructions to claim your ACP discount and get it applied to your account.

Utility Discounts

You may be able to get discounts on your electric bill, water bill or other utilities! As surprising as it is, some utility providers offer discounts for low income Americans – including people who get EBT!

These discounts are separate from or in addition to programs like LIHEAP that can pay a portion of your utility costs each year. If you have EBT, you really should check out the LIHEAP program as well for more ways to save.

HOW TO GET IT: Check your utility provider’s website for information about a low income discount or contact them directly. You can also check out our utility bill discount list to see if we’ve found any discounts in your area.

YMCA Discounts

YMCA organizations typically offer discounts for low income individuals and families. These discounts may result in a sliding-scale charge that will drastically reduce the cost of your membership.

A YMCA discount can help you save money on fitness services, child care, swimming pools and other recreation services. It can provide a lot of family entertainment at a low cost.

HOW TO GET IT: You’ll need to contact your local YMCA and ask if they offer a sliding-scale discount for low income people in the community.

Fee Waivers

Because SNAP is a means-tested program, you may qualify for various fee waivers, such as:

  1. Application Fees for College: Many colleges and universities waive application fees for students from low-income families. If you’re a SNAP recipient, this can help reduce the financial burden of applying to multiple institutions.
  2. Utilities Assistance: Some states offer reduced rates or special assistance for utilities like electricity, gas, and water for households receiving SNAP benefits. This can help lower your monthly expenses significantly.
  3. Public Transportation Discounts: Many public transportation systems provide reduced fares for SNAP recipients, making commuting more affordable for work, school, or other necessary travel.
  4. School Meal Programs: Children in families receiving SNAP benefits may qualify for free or reduced-price school meals, ensuring they receive nutritious meals during the school day.
  5. Healthcare Costs: SNAP recipients might be eligible for reduced fees in healthcare services, including some state-sponsored health insurance programs, which can help in managing health-related expenses.
  6. Recreation and Cultural Access: Some community centers, museums, and other cultural institutions offer free or discounted admission to SNAP recipients, promoting access to cultural and educational experiences.
  7. Legal Aid Services: In certain cases, legal aid societies offer free or reduced-cost legal services to individuals on SNAP, assisting in matters like housing, employment issues, or family law.

These examples highlight how SNAP not only helps with food security but also opens doors to additional resources, contributing to overall well-being and opportunity for low-income individuals and families.

EBT Discounts for Food

If you’ve got EBT benefits, then you may be able to unlock exclusive discounts on food as well! This is a great way to stretch your food stamps dollars and get more food with your benefits.

Double (or Triple) Your Benefits

You can double or even triple the value of your EBT benefits through programs like Double Up Food Bucks, Market Match and more! These are some of the best EBT discounts out there because they essentially give you free food when you shop at certain participating retailers with your EBT card.

It’s not just limited to farmer’s markets any more, either. In the last few years, I’ve found dozens of grocery store chains, farm stands, farm delivery programs and others that are allowing you to get free food when you shop with your SNAP benefits.

HOW TO GET IT: Find a participating location near you by visiting our list of Double Up Food Bucks (and similar program) locations. You’ll need to visit a participating location with your EBT card to get extra food.

Community Supported Agriculture EBT Discounts

Many Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs provide EBT discounts as well. The exact amount of this discount will vary depending on which program you want to buy into. Some of them provide a discount on each week’s box, while others provide an initial discount on your first box.

Not every CSA program offers these discounts, but it’s worth checking with your local program to see if they do. The worst they can do is say no!

HOW TO GET IT: Search online for Community Supported Agriculture programs near you. Contact them directly to ask if they offer an EBT discount.

You-Pick Fresh Produce Farms

In the last few years, more and more farmers have been approved to process EBT payments and many of them use discounts to incentivize you to shop local. Some of them offer an EBT discount when you pick your own produce as well.

HOW TO GET IT: Search online for you-pick farms near you. You can reach out to them online or visit them in person to ask if they offer an EBT discount.

Other Ways to Save

There are additional ways that you may be able to get extra food as well. Don’t forget to check out these related posts for more ways to get free food!

get free stuff with ebt card like this salad bar

EBT Discounts for Transportation

Getting around when you’re broke can be a serious challenge. If you’re struggling to afford the soaring cost of, well, everything, you’re not alone. That’s why we’re so glad we found transportation discounts as well!

Bike Share Discounts

Bike share programs and scooter share programs have become increasingly popular in cities and urban areas. It’s a great way to get around town without having to rely on a car or storing your own bike.

The best part is that many of these organizations offer discounts for people who receive SNAP, TANF or other government assistance!

HOW TO GET IT: Visit our bike share discounts page to find programs in your area. Follow the application instructions on that page to claim your discounts.

Free Lyft Rides

Lyft is a popular rideshare company that offers discounts for low income residents through their Lyft Up initiative. This program is a huge help to low income Americans but it is currently only available in certain areas.

Through Lyft Jobs Access, the company provides free rides to and from job interviews, job training programs and from work for the first three weeks of new employment. This program is available in 32 different cities across 23 states.

Through Lyft Grocery Access, the company provides discounted rides to grocery stores, farmers markets, food pantries and SNAP appointments. This program is available in Washington DC and they want to spread it to other food deserts as well.

HOW TO GET IT: You can visit the Lyft Up website for details. In some cases, Goodwill and the United Way may also be able to help you coordinate these rides.

woman excited by EBT discounts in her area

Local EBT Discounts & Freebies

There are way more EBT discounts available nationwide than we could possibly list in this post. In fact, some of the very best deals we’ve found include zoos, aquariums, museums, state parks and even stores that only offer discounts to low income people in their state.

Don’t forget to check out nearby states, too! This is especially important if you live near a state line. After all, organizations that participate in Museums for All offer EBT discounts to people who have cards from any state. That means that you could unlock even more freebies just across the state line!

In order to find your local list, you’ll need to select your state from the alphabetical list below.


Alabama food stamps recipients can get special EBT discounts at many destinations, including Birmingham Zoo, US Space & Rocket Center and so much more! Get a full list of Alabama EBT discounts here.


Alaska offers museum discounts and also has farmers markets that will double your money! You could qualify for free legal services, prescription discounts and so much more if you get SNAP benefits in this state. See the Alaska EBT discount list here!


Arizona has some of the best EBT discounts in the nation! In addition to a robust Double Up program, the state also offers an extensive list of admission discounts and freebies. You can visit the Phoenix Zoo, i.d.e.a. Museum, Arizona Science Center and so many other places for less when you bring your EBT card! Here’s the full list of Arizona’s EBT discounts.

Arizona is also one of only a few states that offers the exclusive Restaurant Meals Program, which allows certain people who are elderly, disabled, or homeless to purchase hot meals at restaurants with their food stamps benefits. There are over 300 restaurants that accept EBT in Arizona!


Arkansas has a great list of admission discounts, food savings programs and other EBT discounts! There are special deals available in Texarkana, Fort Smith, Little Rock and more! Get EBT discounts in Arkansas here.


California boasts over 100 EBT discounts! From free museums to zoos to state parks discounts to restaurants that accept EBT, California has a plethora of resources for low income people. Explore our comprehensive California EBT Discount Guide!


Colorado has more than two dozen EBT discounts for low income residents of their state! If you’ve got food stamps, then you can get an annual membership to WOW Children’s Museum in Lafayette for just $10 per year!  They also offer the Double Up Food Bucks programs at participating locations. See the extensive list of discounts in Colorado!


Connecticut has more than half a dozen museum discounts for low income families, including discounts to aquariums, museums, science centers and more! Learn more about EBT discounts in Connecticut.


Delaware residents who receive benefits can get discounts to some awesome programs and organizations, such as Bike Delaware and the Royal Scottish Dance Society, and a $10 state parks pass! We’ve also found some incredible museum discounts! Navigate Delaware’s discounts now!


Florida offers admission to museums for free or $3, including both the Museum of Science and History (MOSH) in Jacksonville and the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) in Tampa. Discounted cell phone and internet service is also available. Get all Florida EBT discounts here.


Georgia features over a half-dozen discounted museums and destinations! You can experience the Georgia State Railroad Museum, explore the Georgia Museum of Art and visit the Breman for $3 or less per person with your food stamps card! Explore more Georgia EBT discounts!


Hawaii residents with SNAP benefits can get discounts to Kroc Center Hawaii and so much more! Dive into Hawaii’s EBT discounts!


There are EBT discounts all over Boise, from Idaho to Coeur d’Alene and more! View Idaho’s full list of discounts here 


Illinois boasts a stunning list of more than two dozen museums where Illinois LINK cardholders can get either free or discounted admission. This list includes Shedd Aquarium and Adler Planetarium! Don’t miss these incredible discounts in Illinois!


Indiana is home to more than a dozen awesome museums that invite food stamps recipients to visit for either free or cheap. You could get an annual family pass to Minnetrista for just a few bucks! Get the scoop on Indiana’s EBT discounts here!


Iowa has some incredible museum discounts and other benefits for low income residents. Find out about Iowa’s deals here.


Kansas residents can double their money at certain farmer’s markets, get recreational program scholarships, half-price memberships to select community centers and more! Access the Kansas list now.


Kentucky residents can double their money at certain farmer’s markets, save money on prescriptions and so much more! You can also get incredible membership discounts at Highlands Museum and Discovery Center! Uncover all the EBT discounts in Kentucky.


Louisiana offers museum discounts, food coop discounts and more to residents who receive food stamps cards. Browse Louisiana’s discount list for details.


Maine features museum discounts from Augusta to Waterville! Dollar-matching programs are also available at certain farmer’s markets. Get the details on Maine EBT benefits.


Maryland offers several museum discounts and other programs for residents who receive food stamps benefits. Find all the Maryland EBT discounts!


Massachusetts boasts more than two dozen discounted museums from Acton to Worcester! You can visit the EcoTarium, Stone Zoo, USS Constitution Museum and so much more for unbelievably low prices. Access all the EBT discounts in Massachusetts now!


Michigan features around a dozen incredible museum discounts for food stamps recipients! You can visit the Michigan Science Center and so much more. Learn about EBT discounts in Michigan.


Minnesota has over 30 destinations you can visit either free or cheap with your SNAP card! You can visit the Science Museum of Minnesota, the Minnesota Zoo and so much more! Here’s how to get MN EBT discounts.


Mississippi has museum discounts and more for EBT recipients! One of my favorite deals in Mississippi is the LIME Program offered by the Mississippi Market Natural Foods Co-Op. View Mississippi’s EBT list here.


Missouri offers museum discounts, FREE college courses and so much more for low income SNAP recipients! Don’t miss these deals in Missouri!


Montana residents can visit more than a half-dozen museums for FREE or cheap with their food stamps cards! You can also receive sliding-scale medical services, double-dollars at farmer’s markets and community-supported agriculture programs and more! Find out about Montana’s discounts now.


Nebraska offers museum discounts (including FREE memberships to Omaha Children’s Museum), sliding-scale dental services and more for food stamps recipients. Discover Nebraska’s food stamps discounts now.


We’ve found a dozen EBT discounts in Nevada! This is a great state for freebies and deals. Unlock the Nevada EBT discounts here.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire has a ton of exclusive discounts for SNAP recipients statewide! From historical museums to science centers and more, there’s a lot of adventure available to you for just a few dollars! Here’s the list of NH EBT discounts.

New Jersey

You can get EBT discounts at the Battleship New Jersey in Camden and so much more! Here’s what your EBT card can do in NJ.

New Mexico

New Mexico has several discounts for food stamps recipients. You can visit either Anderson Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum or Explora Science Center for very cheap! There’s even more available. Explore all NM EBT discounts here.

New York

New York boasts an insane amount of museum discounts and discounted services for low income New York residents. There are destinations in New York City, Western NY and more! We’ve got the full list of NY EBT discounts here.

North Carolina

North Carolina has nearly a dozen discounted museums and even offers discounted fishing licenses to local EBT recipients! Here’s your guide to NC food stamps discounts.

North Dakota

North Dakota has museum discounts, double-up dollars at farmer’s markets and more for EBT cardholders. Learn about North Dakota’s SNAP discounts.


Ohio boasts a dozen museum discounts, from Akron to Mt. Vernon! Visit the Center of Science and Industry in Columbus, the Holden Arboretum in Kirtland and so much more. Dive into Ohio’s discounts here.


Oklahoma has museum discounts and more for low income residents! Just visit our guide to EBT discounts in Oklahoma.


Oregon has some truly incredible EBT discounts. In Oregon, you’ll find over a dozen discounted museums and zoos (including the Oregon Zoo!) and an unbeatable Arts for All program that provides discounted tickets to events like the Portland Ballet and the Oregon Children’s Theater. Here’s what your Oregon Trail card can do!


Pennsylvania residents can enjoy FREE or cheap admission to more than 50 destinations across the state! If you receive food stamps benefits in Pennsylvania, then unlock your SNAP discounts in PA now!

Rhode Island

Rhode Island offers museum discounts and more for low income residents with food stamps benefits. Explore everything your RI food stamps card can do!

South Carolina

South Carolina residents can enjoy museum discounts and even discounted balcony seats to the South Carolina Philharmonic on certain dates! View SC’s range of EBT opportunities!

South Dakota

South Dakota residents can visit the South Dakota Air and Space Museum, Storybrook Island, Museum of Geology and more with a discount when they visit with their SNAP card. Reveal more EBT discounts in SD now.


Tennessee residents can enjoy severely discounted annually memberships to Adventure Science Center and more! Don’t miss your portal to Tennesee’s EBT advantages.


Texas has nearly a dozen discounted venues for low income residents. From the Mayborn Complex in Waco to the Thinkery in Austin, you can visit some incredible places! Start exploring with EBT discounts in Texas today!


Utah residents with food stamps benefits can enjoy FREE admission to several destinations around the state, from Moab to Ogden and more! Unearth EBT discounts in Utah here.


From Bennington to Woodstock, Vermont residents with SNAP benefits can enjoy severely reduced admission to several destinations across the state. Here’s a complete breakdown of Vermont’s EBT perks.


Virginia residents with SNAP benefits can visit dozens of discounted museums and more with their food stamps cards! The perks span from Alexandria to Yorktown. Step into Virginia’s EBT discounts here.

Virgin Islands

Got SNAP benefits in the Virgin Islands? We’ve found some cool stuff for you, too! Here’s the perks of having EBT in the Virgin Islands!


Washington residents with food stamps benefits can visit the Pacific Science Center for just $19 per YEAR per family! In addition, you can save money on admission to MoPop and other great destinations. This is the list that started it all, since I found my first EBT discount at the Washington State History Museum way back in 2015. Get the fully updated list of WA EBT discounts here.

Washington DC

Washington DC invites you to visit the International Spy Museum and other great destinations for less when you bring your EBT card along with you! Unlock these discounts in Washington DC.

West Virginia

West Virginia residents with SNAP benefits can visit Spark Imagination and Science Center in Morgantown for less! Of course, there’s even more available in this area. Discover the richness of EBT discounts in WV!


Wisconsin has discounted museums, double-up programs and other useful benefits for low income individuals and families. Here’s the exclusive list of EBT discounts in Wisconsin.


Wyoming’s discounts and offerings have steadily grown over the years. There’s quite a bit that you can save on when you have a SNAP card. Maximize your EBT discounts in Wyoming here.

More Ways to Save with EBT

Over the last 10 years of researching the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and other low income programs in depth, I’ve found all sorts of weird loopholes and rules. If you’re interested in EBT discounts, you may be interested in some of these other articles as well!

Relief Recap

There are over 1,000 EBT discounts available to low income Americans nationwide. From big-name nationwide brands like Amazon and Walmart to local zoos and aquariums, our list contains all the different deals that are available to you. Follow the guidance in the “How to Get It” segments above to claim your freebies and deals.

Low Income Relief has the most thorough and detailed list of EBT discounts anywhere on the web! Our expert team has been researching and adding to this list since 2015, when our founder Nicole found the first one at the Washington State History Museum. She was visiting the museum with her family when she noticed a sign that said that families could visit for just $2 for the whole family if they had an EBT card. She went home, did some research, and found five museums in her area with similar deals. She quickly expanded her search to other states and has steadily updated this list, even as it ballooned to over 1,000 deals nationwide. Make sure to bookmark this page and check back often, because we update those state posts frequently with new discounts and deals!

Adrianne Mitchell

Sunday 24th of March 2024

In Chicago IL, you can go to galter life center woth your ebt card and take free food courses, workout courses, this includes the pool, gym, classes and discounts. Let me verify my frirnd on this to be sure its just link card and nothing else in place or on top of the ebt card.


Tuesday 6th of February 2024

It's maybe 8 years after you originally posted this (based on the comments' time stamp) and I just want to say thank you so much for putting all of this together.

Nicole Thelin

Wednesday 7th of February 2024

You are so welcome! This is one of my favorite posts. Even though it's been 8 years since I started working on it, I update it all the time. :) I'm so glad you found it!


Sunday 17th of December 2023

Do you know of any free trade or learning programs in GA for EBT recipients?

Catherine Marucci

Tuesday 19th of December 2023

It may be worth contacting the program or school you are interested in. Usually, their financial aid office will know what is available.

Jon Doe

Tuesday 24th of October 2023 Walmart+ now offers a similar discount to the Amazon one above, with it's own streaming service.

Speaking of streaming services, never pass a library without seeing if you can get a card. Many library systems have streaming services, movies, music, even audiobooks, but may be restricted to a certain level of service per patron. Multiple library cards means multiple usages. And you can't be penalized for not returning a book that returns itself!


Friday 14th of June 2024

@Jon Doe, this is spot on. some states permit you to have multiple library cards across the state (found this out over the pandemic when I was forced to move). The best thing about this is when you go to put a hold for a book in Libby, it will put you in the shortest queue (and it is possible to search across all libraries you have cards for!)

this is by far the best way to listen to audiobooks (Audible is so expensive!)


Saturday 9th of September 2023

Starbucks TAKES ebt inside of safeways ONLY and drinks have to be COLD DRINKS, Spokane, Washington.