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Whatever you need, we’re here to help.

Low Income Relief is a free information service dedicated to helping low income people across America save money and get free stuff. Over the last 10 years, we have helped millions of people apply for benefits, find grants, get better jobs, receive scholarships and so much more.

We change lives every day.

We’ve helped millions of people save money and get free stuff!

Low Income Relief helped me with my internet. I was paying over $120 a month for service and now just the Internet by itself is only $10 a month from AT&T.

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Maci Y.


Low Income Relief services helped my family get food that we needed when we were badly struggling financially. I don’t know what we would have done without it.

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Alicia T.


Low Income Relief has helped my family a few times by helping me find funds to pay my light bill when I was down and out.

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Vicky W.


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You can trust Low Income Relief.

I know you’re skeptical. You’ve put your trust in people who have hurt you and you know that the internet is full of charlatans who will say whatever it takes to get you to click. It’s frustrating and you have every reason to doubt. I don’t blame you one bit. There aren’t many websites I trust, either.

But there’s something you need to know about Low Income Relief.

I (Nicole) have owned Low Income Relief since it began in 2013. I started this website because I genuinely wanted to help people. When my husband was medically discharged from the US Army in 2007, it wrecked us financially. Our severance pay took months to process, we were 3,000 miles from home, and we had no idea how we were going to take care of our baby. We didn’t even know how to live with David’s disability yet. Everything was new and scary… and the uncertainty of it all was terrifying and isolating and awful. It felt like nobody in the world understood what we were going through and it felt like nobody cared.

I don’t want anyone to experience that, ever.

In the months that followed our severance, I spent every spare moment at the library searching for help. After hours and hours of research, I started to find resources that could help my family… and instead of ending up on the streets, we found ourselves living in a beautiful new townhouse. Several community agencies chipped in to cover our move-in costs and first month’s rent. Someone gave us furniture, a food bank gave us food, and suddenly we had everything we needed to get back on our feet. We had hope and a community and it was everything we could have wished for. Our son was safe, we were able to get better jobs, and eventually we worked our way off of the programs that had saved us.

But I have never, ever forgotten what that felt like.

I’ve never forgotten the pain and the isolation and the judgment I felt when I had nothing…

…and I’ve never forgotten the incredible, overwhelming joy and hope that I felt when we finally found help.

And now it’s my life’s mission to bring that hope to as many people as possible.

I learned the hard way that help is out there but it can be incredibly hard to find. Now, I use my skills as a journalist and a researcher to bring that information to the forefront and make it easy for people to find what they need. I know you don’t have time to spend hundreds of hours digging through government documents and rulebooks and resource directories to find what you need, so I do it for you.

And to make sure that nobody gets in the way and stop me from making this information available to you, I’ve made sure that Low Income Relief is self-supported. We don’t accept grants or sponsorships from the government, non-profits or companies that would silence us or influence us in any way. We have strict ethical guidelines for our advertisers that are intended to protect you from anyone who would do you harm.

I know the internet has given you 10,000 reasons not to trust a random website… but Low Income Relief is different. I hope you’ll stick around and find out why millions of people have put their trust in us over the last 10 years.

Wishing you all the very best,
-Nicole Thelin

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Low Income Basics

You can help us help others.

(HINT: It’s not about money.)

Wait! Don’t panic! I am not going to ask you for money. I know you’re here because you can’t make ends meet and I’m not going to ask you to support our service with a direct contribution. Money has never been our priority, anyway.

Low Income Relief is under attack from several wealthy companies and corporations. We’ve had numerous big businesses offer to buy us out in the last few years and we have stubbornly refused to sell at any price. A few years ago, someone literally offered $1,000,000 to shut us down. They wanted to buy the site so that they could literally take it offline. I was horrified!

Since the pandemic began, we’ve also seen numerous well-funded media outlets start copying our content. A big-name YouTuber even took some of our videos and republished them on his own channel. Our content is being stolen and in a lot of cases we’re getting outranked by companies that publish false or misleading information.

It’s hurting us and it’s hurting the people we serve, because they’re no longer getting access to information that is honest and trustworthy.

Like I told you earlier, I am here because I genuinely want to help people find resources in their local communities. We have a very small team of social workers, researchers and college students who dig for resources and write articles. Our budget is small but we’re all here because we have a passion for helping people.

The only way we can keep helping people is if we build a strong community.

We need help getting the word out about Low Income Relief. Here are a few things you can do to help:

  1. Tell your friends and family about us.
  2. Join our email newsletter.
  3. Share our posts on social media or over email.
  4. Follow us on your favorite social media platforms (like Facebook or YouTube).
  5. Bookmark our page and check back often for updates.

None of this costs you anything but it means the world to us.

I appreciate your help!

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