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    Finding help shouldn’t be another source of stress. Our researchers and fact-checkers carefully vet resources, so you can focus on getting the support you deserve. Here’s what we’ve been working on lately.

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    Food Assistance

    Don’t go hungry! There are programs that can help you put food on the table, even during tough times.

    Apply for SNAP: Apply for SNAP to get an EBT card that gets loaded with monthly grocery money.

    Got SNAP? Try This! Don’t forget to check out our SNAP secrets, like how to double your SNAP benefits and unlock over 1,000 EBT discounts! In some cases, you can even buy restaurant meals with EBT!

    Apply for WIC: If you have a pregnant woman or child under five in your household, you can also get WIC food benefits!

    Request a Meal: You can order a free lasagna from Lasagna Love once a month. Here’s how.

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    Housing Help

    Keep a roof over your head! Find housing help, from rent assistance to home repairs.

    Rent Relief: Get help paying your rent from local churches, charities and government programs. Here’s a list of rental assistance programs and security deposit assistance programs near you.

    Buy a House: There are tons of programs that can help low income renters buy their own home. You can even use Section 8 vouchers in some areas!

    Homeowner Help: If you need help with mortgage payments, foreclosure or home repairs, these grants and programs may be able to help.

    Homeless: Call 211 to find help near you.

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    Basic Needs

    Get help with life’s necessities – from a ride to work to a fresh start with clothing and furniture.

    Transportation: Get free gas vouchers, free bus passes and more transportation assistance. You may even qualify for a free car!

    Clothing: These free clothing closets may help with everyday wear, work uniforms and more.

    Furniture: Need new furniture? These programs can help.

    Medical Care: From free clinics to Medicaid, there are many ways you can get help with your medical needs.

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    Help with Bills

    Get help paying your bills. Find assistance for utilities, cars, and more.

    Utilities: From LIHEAP to local charities, we’ve got a list of organizations that pay utility bills.

    Car Payments: Get financial assistance with your car payments from these charities.

    Phones: You may be eligible for a free cell phone and free monthly service through the Lifeline Program.

    Other Bills: Hardship grants and other charities may be able to help you pay your other expenses.

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    Emergency Help

    When crisis hits, find help fast. These programs offer immediate support during difficult times.

    Car Repair: These car repair programs may be able to help you.

    Funeral Expenses: There are many programs and providers that can help with funeral expenses.

    Hardship Grants: If you’re facing a financial emergency, hardship grants may be able to help. There are additional grants for people with cancer and other diagnoses as well.

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    Money & More

    Explore these resources to help boost your budget.

    Unclaimed Money: You may have money waiting for you. Find it now.

    Apply for Disability: Our sponsor can help you start or appeal your disability claim. Start now!

    ModestNeeds: You may be able to get a small grant from ModestNeeds to help.

    Get Free Stuff: From gym memberships to computers, discover low income freebies!

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    Helpful Resources in 2024

    Low Income Relief is a free information service dedicated to helping low income people across America save money and get free stuff. Over the last 10 years, we have helped millions of people apply for benefits, find grants, get better jobs, receive scholarships and so much more.

    Your page has shown me things I never knew about! I never knew that with an EBT card you could get free entry to museums! My family was able to visit the children’s museum and I never would have before because it was always so expensive. Thank you for all the great info!
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    Krysta S.


    Thanks to your email, I applied and was helped with $700.00. I also applied for the weatherization program. So far, I’ve received new new smoke carbon detectors. Very grateful since I saved lots of money.

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    Email Subscriber

    Because of your YouTube videos, I have been able to reduce my internet bill by $30 a month, get some help from LIHEAP on my electric bill, and get food stamps.

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    Stevi H.

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